Visa Announces Agreement to Acquire TrialPay

Visa will now be partnering with TrialPay, a leading payments technology company that was founded in 2006 and now has 500 million users. With TrialPay, Visa will be able to target consumers based on their transaction histories and present them with specific promotions.  These promotions will be almost like incentives; the customer will be provided

Wells Fargo Now Wants to Advise You on Credit Scores

According to a recent Wells Fargo & Company survey, 78 percent of Americans want to learn more about money management with 53 percent of respondents specifically wanting to learn more about credit. To help fulfill this need, the company today announced the launch of Path to Good Credit, a series of interactive websites that offer

Apple Pay 2.0 Brings the Value

Apple gets it. The way to make things appealing is to make them simple, convenient and valuable for consumers. This is why couponing, loyalty and ticketing are set to be included in Apple Pay 2.0, bringing value added services (VAS) to the masses, driving further adoption and stimulating further innovation from other industry players. The

10 Amazing Insights from South America

Innovation in Payments and Commerce is not  limited only to developed countries like the US. Developing markets are posing far greater opportunities for the next generation of technologies in payments and commerce. South America seems have quite some activity underway including new deployments and new services leveraging the technologies whose reach is not just limited

Before its Official Launch, Apple iWatch Already has a Competitor in Payments

Technology giant LG has come out with a new and improved smartwatch that can not only connect to LTE networks but also perform mobile payments without the need of connecting to a smartphone. The NFC chip in the watch enables it to perform mobile payments without pairing with a smartphone. The new smartwatch model is

Now Barclays will Let you Tweet to Pay

In a UK first, Barclays has announced that it will be the first British bank to allow people to pay each other and small businesses using just their Twitter handle. Launching on both Android phones and iOS devices next month, Twitter payments through Pingit will expand the existing service to social media and a potential

This Visionary Firm from South Korea Has its Eyes Set on Mobile Payments

Daum Kakao is one of the largest Internet companies in South Korea. The company recently launched a mobile payment platform dubbed as BankWalletKakao.  In September, it had launched KakaoPay, which allowed only KakaoTalk users to pay for e-commerce products through KakaoTalk. The company was formed a month ago as a merger of Daum, one of

Which Equity Financing Firms Would You Work With?

Many new startups are bringing fresh ideas to the payments and commerce  industry today. But lack of funding can lead to innovative ideas not seeing the light of day. Many entrepreneurs face the challenge of pitching investors and are not able to sell them on what they have to offer. Moreover, it is difficult to

What do Sporting Events & The Payments Industry Have in Common?

At sporting events, we generally observe the crowds, that things are unmanageable and people are in a hurry. This is a perfect opportunity for seamless payments experiences, and contactless payments can help a lot in such situations. What if, instead of lining up at ticket booths, spectators could simply pass through NFC terminal stations, paying

MasterCard Expands Reach of HCE to 15 More Countries

Consumers around the globe continue to use mobile devices rather than dip or swipe payments cards for more of their MasterCard purchases. In less than a year since announcing support for Host Card Emulation (HCE) and cloud-based software for both secure contactless and remote payment transactions, MasterCard has recently announced that new projects are underway