Estimote’s new Platform, even as Beacons Tech gets overshadowed by NFC

Apple made the BLE Beacons popular with their iBeacons, which got implemented by some retailers, brands and adtech players. There was a big buzz in the technology space and it was termed as the holy grail of proximity marketing. This was earlier this year and in 2013 as well. Then came iPhones with NFC and

Tremendous Support for Apple Pay from the Ecosystem, Two Glaring Examples

Apple Pay is built through great relationships with banks, retailers (not all) and partners. Apple Pay is revolutionary and consumers seem to be using it left, right and center. Apple Pay has entered the market with much fanfare. It is already showing scalable adoption across prominent merchants. Apple Pay has a very good headstart and

New Wine in Old Bottle, Apple Pay Experience

We have covered Apple Pay extensively (link) since it was launched almost 3 months ago, so most of the birth pangs as well as its early triumphs have been covered well here at LTP. This article is about a specific experience with this weeks-old digital wallet that was comforting and sobering at the same time.

5 Personal Finance Apps to Control your Holiday Spending

Keeping a budget and managing personal finances can be a time-consuming task and often a struggle for many people. But thanks to personal finance apps, tasks like paying bills, balancing accounts can be as simple as texting someone. Such apps help you break down your spending habits into categories and alert you when your expenditures

India’s Amazing Immediate Mobile Payment Service gathers Momentum

Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) is gaining popularity in India. Most of the major banks are extending this service to account holders to access accounts and transfer funds using mobile phones. According to NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India), IMPS witnessed a 22% growth in taking place between August and September 2014. There was also

This Festive Season, Mobile Wallets, especially Apple Pay, will have a Field Day

This holiday season will witness higher usage of mobile wallets for in-store payments. There will be a huge percentage growth over last year as it grows from a smaller base. There will be tremendous boost in the web based payments as well, where huge jump is expected in terms of absolute numbers. Apple Pay is

Who Got the Three M’s Right? #Mobile #Millennials #Money

Venmo has gained significant popularity over the past year. By simply loading the app onto a smartphone, a user can connect to bank and credit-card accounts and link up with friends to send money on the go. It makes scenarios like splitting restaurant checks and paying rent quite seamless. The rising use of peer-to-peer applications

Lending Companies and Payment Rails represent 43% of Investments made in 2013-14

Investments in payments sector have been growing at a significant pace in recent years. According to a report by Knowledgefaber, $960 Mn was invested across 219 deals in 2013 and $1.33 Bn was invested across 95 deals in 2014. Venture capital investment in payment technologies hit a five-year high in committed capital in the first

Softcard goes Aggressive in Marketing Efforts, Plows in $1.5 Mn

Softcard, the mobile payment company formed by three of the largest national phone carriers, is investing $1.5 million for a national marketing debut. The company, a joint venture among Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, failed to gain consumer adoption even after going national last year. The new marketing effort highlights Softcard’s point-of-sale terminals used at merchants

Current Trends in Commercial Payment Cards show a Positive Picture

According to a recent report entitled, commercial card purchase volume grew by 13% in 2013, reaching $888 billion. Commercial cards are catching on in both the U.S. and abroad. The report, created by Packaged Facts, forecasts global commercial card purchase volume to grow by 13% in 2014 & 2015. Rising from $1.4 trillion to $1.79