LevelUp Welcomes Customizable iBeacon Greetings to Its Suite of Customer Engagement Tools

Merchants leveraging LevelUp’s platform can send a personalized “hello” to customers as they walk in the door, right to their phone October 30, 2014 — Boston, MA – Boston-based tech company LevelUp is making moves to enhance their customer engagement and loyalty platform, this time by leveraging iBeacons. Merchants using LevelUp already have access to

Huge Blow to CurrentC as it gets hacked and Another Win for Apple pay in QSR space

CurrentC, the mobile payment service backed by MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange) and also a rival to Apple Pay, got hacked. It led to data breach involving theft of email addresses. Unauthorized third parties were able to obtain email addresses of some of the CurrentC pilot program participants and those who used the mobile app. MCX

Platform approach to solve the POS adoption problem, Poynt is an mPOS that accepts NFC, QR, and other Wallets as well

Osama beider, former head of Google Wallet, has launched PoyntOS, an Android platform which can be touted as the world’s first payment terminal operating system, empowering developers with amazing tools to build applications for merchants. Small merchants today use a multitude of solutions running on various devices including outdated terminals, tablets, PCs, and phones. This

3 Bitcoin News that you Should take Notice of

Bitcoin, the popular virtual currency, is gaining traction in global markets as a new form of currency. An array of merchants supports Bitcoin including retailers, e-commerce sites, hotels, restaurants and many more. We already wrote about Governments and financial bodies who legally approve Bitcoin and are helping it gain momentum. Investment firms are also looking

The Network Effect: NFC Is The New “Internet” Of Payments

When Most Businesses Have It, The World Changes The network effect is very powerful.  You are using it right now, you just may not see it today, the Internet is the text book example of the network effect in action. The more people who are on the Internet, the more valuable the internet is to

3 Newly Surfaced Information Pieces related to Apple Pay

News about Apple Pay is almost becoming like peeling an onion. One by one, interesting pieces of information are coming our way and we wanna make sure that you get to see every layer of it. Here are some recent news items that have come up around Apple Pay: Load Wells Fargo card into Apple

Nobody thought about Combating Credit Card Fraud using Location in PFM Space

BillGuard promotes itself as an antivirus system for bills. It generally uses predictive algorithms to alert users about unexpected charges on payment cards such as billing errors, hidden fees and other fraudulent scenarios. BillGuard, which comes as a dedicated app for both Android and iOS, is bringing an interesting feature to improve its security level.

4 Banks that have Adopted the Concept of ‘Pop-Up Branch’

Financial institutions are using the concept of ‘Pop-Up Branch’ in order to test new permanent locations, provide low cost transactional support and implement special event engagement. In simple terms, these branches are kind of a “No-Teller” branch where there is more focus on implementation of new banking technologies to enable enhanced customer experience for banking

Apple Pay numbers in a Chart Vs Others, not the usual Mind Blowing but Great

Tim Cook recently took the stage at the Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) global technology conference to talk about Apple’s future. He highlighted the ecosystem that Apple is creating through its iDevices but what really caught my attention were the remarks about Apple Pay. Some important quotes include:   Quote #1: In the first 72 hours of

A Unique Wallet Service for those who Love Spending in Digital Currencies

SnapCard, an online startup, provides a multi-currency, digital currency wallet to buy, store, send and receive digital currencies. It is offering bank-level security and a very user-friendly UI. The company helps avoid merchant integration and make it easier to use digital currencies. The digital currency wallet service enables users to make purchases on e-commerce sites