Softcard goes Aggressive in Marketing Efforts, Plows in $1.5 Mn

Softcard, the mobile payment company formed by three of the largest national phone carriers, is investing $1.5 million for a national marketing debut. The company, a joint venture among Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, failed to gain consumer adoption even after going national last year. The new marketing effort highlights Softcard’s point-of-sale terminals used at merchants

Current Trends in Commercial Payment Cards show a Positive Picture

According to a recent report entitled, commercial card purchase volume grew by 13% in 2013, reaching $888 billion. Commercial cards are catching on in both the U.S. and abroad. The report, created by Packaged Facts, forecasts global commercial card purchase volume to grow by 13% in 2014 & 2015. Rising from $1.4 trillion to $1.79

These Two Established In-Store Analytics Firms have Merged Together

Brickstream acquired Nomi last month, bringing together two known players in the in-store analytics market. This all equity deal has led to entire Nomi team joining Brickstream. Nomi, founded two years ago, started with the goal to bring online analytics to offline businesses. Nomi helps businesses keep track of marketing campaigns that are attracting more

In Australia, Contactless Payment is the Way to Go

Australians are favouring contactless payments day-by-day ditching traditional payment methods. Even merchants are seeing a high demand and are rolling out specialized terminals to cope up with the trend. More than 58 million Visa PayWave payments were made in July alone this year. As per a research by RFi, 70% of adult population now owns

8 Companies Excelling in Retail Analytics in North America

Analytics can make a company’s core product set very rich and useful and drive company valuation. There are some successful companies in the space. Collaboration can always help to get to market faster but building functionality in-house would be the preferred method. What is this functionality? As the data sets become richer, insights get stronger

This South Korean Internet Giant has Now Launched Mobile Payments

Daum Kakao is one of the largest Internet companies in South Korea. The company recently launched a mobile payment platform dubbed as BankWalletKakao. The company was formed a month ago as a merger of Daum, one of the largest Internet Portals in South Korea, and Kakao, the maker of South Korea’s popular messaging app KakaoTalk.

A Prominent Player from the World of Gift Cards

Raise is an online marketplace where individuals can sell their unwanted gift cards for cash or buy discount gift cards to virtually any brand. Gift cards are redeemed electronically either via mobile, voucher or online. Since its inception in February 2013, it is empowering consumers to increase their purchase power so they can give themselves

Perhaps this First ever Apple Pay ATM Transaction Showcases Future of Banking

Deep in the research lab at an undisclosed location, at an undisclosed company, I witnessed the very first ATM machine transaction facilitated by Apple Pay.   I have permission to disclose just the fact that a bonafide transaction was completed and just how fast and simple it was.  No card ever touched the machine. Apple Pay

The Apple Pay Accepting Retailers List keeps Growing

Apple Pay has entered the market with much fanfare. It is already showing scalable adoption across prominent merchants. Apple Pay already represented around 1% of all Whole Foods transactions in just 17 days post Apple Pay’s launch on October 20th. McDonald’s also noted that an impressive 50% of its tap-to-pay transactions, since the release of

5 M Low-Income Households in India will Order Online Goods Soon #Snapdeal #FINO

Snapdeal, one of India’s largest e-tailers, is poised to launch 5,000 e-commerce kiosks across 65 cities and 70,000 rural areas. The company plans to achieve this with the help of FINO PayTech, a company that aims to provide financial inclusion solutions in India. As reported by The Times of India (TOI), Snapdeal plans to target