3 Years Ago, Almost Exactly to the Day, I Wrote About my Google Wallet Experience; Deja Vu for Apple Pay Launch

Exactly 3 years ago, I wrote about my first hands-on experience with Google Wallet as soon as it was launched. It was an email to a colleague in the industry. I had summarized it as a novelty, not perfect, and certainly not seamless. Fast forward to this week and we have the newly launched Apple

Amazon to Bring Apple Pay Support for its Visa Rewards Cards

Amazon recently confirmed that it will add support for Apple Pay. Post Apple Pay launch, Amazon customers were not able to add their Amazon Rewards Visa cards to their digital wallet, despite the fact that these cards were associated with Chase, one of Apple’s partners. An Amazon spokesperson broke the news to GeekWire that it

A Shot Back At Square For Square Market, Etsy Retail Payments

Its A War Folks It was a very hot day on August 11th, 2013 and I just got the official news that Square had announced the Square Market.  I got private message from a Square employee who is a great friend to answer to a question on why Square developed Square Market.  It was a

While Apple Pay is Great, it did have 3 Teething Issues

Apple Pay was recently launched with big fanfare and many consumers have already started using it for making payments. But some revelations have come to light illustrating some shortcomings around Apple Pay: Apple Pay didn’t Work Out Well for some Bank of America customers Apple Pay is charging twice on transactions by Bank of America

The Clearing House to be More Aggressive in Efforts for Real-Time Payments

The Clearing House is a payments company and a trading house representing 24 of the largest banks in U.S. It is taking new initiatives to play a more influential role in developing a faster payments system for the U.S. The company will undertake a multi-year effort to build a real-time payment system to be used

Now Review as well as Book a Hotel Room with Yelp

Yelp has partnered with Hipmunk to integrate hotel bookings into its business review platform. Yelp already offers users a way to purchase from other businesses but this is the first time it is doing so with hotel bookings. The motive behind the initiative is to enable users to make hotel bookings immediately after going through

Behalf, a Lending Company with a Unique Value Proposition for Businesses and Vendors

B2B, P2P (Peer-to-Peer), B2C lending have been the most sought after financial services for hundreds of years. Some segments are rapidly gaining traction as a credible and vital alternative to large scale banks when it comes to loans and financing. The new breed of lending companies offer affordable lending facilities especially to the SME market.

Adyen Mobile Payment Index, an Infographic on Global Payments Trends

San Francisco, October 23, 2014 – Adyen, the global payment technology company, today announced findings from its latest global Mobile Payments Index, which covers the period of July through to September 2014. The Index, which captures data from web-based transactions across Adyen’s customer base of more than 3,500 businesses, found that globally payments over mobile

Clover Releases New Payments System Integrating iBeacon and Apple Pay

Clover and its parent company, First Data, had been working with Apple to prepare for the launch of Apple Pay. Post the launch of Apple Pay, Clover has enabled its cloud-based point-of-sale platform to accept Apple Pay In-App payments. Clover recently did something unique at Bierhaus. It launched a first of its kind solution to

MasterCard’s Innovation Hub Highlights Cashless Payment Technologies

MasterCard recently opened a technology hub in New York housing the teams behind MasterPass Digital Wallet, Digital Enablement System and Start Path, an accelerator program for fintech startups. The hub has been set up to highlight MasterCard’s innovations like the tokenization service that is securing Apple Pay transactions. An Apple Pay NFC payment demonstration at