Why is HCE Perfect for Australia?

Mobile payments have been a major talking point in Australia and around the world for a number of years. Hype around trials, joint ventures and roll outs have come and gone and the feeling of frustration that all of this effort and expense has not achieved mass-market deployments has grown.          

Amazon Joins the Mobile Wallet Race with the Introduction of a Virtual Wallet

Amazon has silently joined the mobile wallet race with the introduction of the Amazon Wallet on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. The wallet does not feature any mobile payment options or credit/debit-card storage. It is a fairly downsized mobile wallet that enables users to store and organize their loyalty cards, gift cards and other

Card.com Collaborates with IDology to Integrate Real Real-Time Identity Identity-Verification and Fraud Fraud-Prevention Solution

On 22nd July 2014, Card.com, a mobile alternative to traditional branch banking, announced a collaboration with IDology, a provider of innovative technology that verifies a person’s identity and deters fraud anywhere in the payments value chain. “We are excited to partner with IDology and help us quickly and easily verify customers throughout the onboarding process,”

Emerging Trend: Turn Purchases into Conversations

With Facebook and Twitter integrating payments into their mainstream services, the time has come to leverage social media in the payments and commerce space. With the typical social-media user habitually sharing day-to-day activities, it’s natural for users to share payments on social platforms. Let’s have a look at two companies that are making an impact

WorldRemit now enables the transfer of funds to friends and family in Indonesia via Indosat’s Dompetku

Indonesians received an estimated $7.6 Bn in remittances in 2013, an increase of 5% over the previous year, according to the World Bank. On 21st July 2014, online money-transfer service WorldRemit announced that it is now offering its users the ability to send money to friends and family in Indonesia who use Indosat’s Dompetku Mobile Money service. “WorldRemit is

Wearable technology contributes in driving payment revolution

There has been a digital disruption causing a dramatic change in the function, purpose and design of payments channel in just over a decade. Wearable payments will be one of the ways customers do transactions. It is all about convenience and the speed of the transaction. Look at the number of wearable devices being launched

ReD to be Acquired by ACI Worldwide for $205 Million, as Fraud Expertise Becomes Hot

With the global e-commerce market forecast to grow over 17% a year, representing a total value of almost $2.4 Tn by 2017, fraud prevention is becoming a big issue in the industry. With that in mind, on 21st July 2014, ACI Worldwide, a leading global provider of electronic payment and banking solutions,  announced that it had

Starbucks app to allow preordering … but will it shorten the queues?

Starbucks is well known for proactively embracing cashless payment methods. The Seattle-based company hit the headlines a few years back when it teamed up with Square to process mobile payments. Its mobile payment app is already well known for enabling users to pay by scanning the bar code tied to the account in the app.

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LevelUp Launches Android Wear App To Enable WristBased Payments Thought paying with your smartphone was futuristic? Well, now you can pay with your smartwatch too! The future is coming… and here at LevelUp, we’re just a little bit too excited about it. Today, we’re announcing the launch of our LevelUp application for Android Wear™. LevelUp for Android

Dell Partners with Coinbase to Jump on the BitWagon

Recently, we wrote about satellite TV provider Dish Network beginning to accept Bitcoin. It was big news. On 18th July 2014, another huge announcement was made in favor of the digital currency – Dell began accepting bitcoin on their website. “We’re piloting bitcoin, the world’s most widely used digital currency, as a purchase option on