Apple Pay launches amidst Great Fanfare, can it change the World?

Apple has finally unveiled its Apple Pay program to over 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 plus users. Apple Pay will also work with the new generation iPads – Air 2 and Mini 3, but only for in-app purchases. Apple is looking at the mobile payment system to get the older generation iDevice user base

Get Underneath What’s Important with “LTP9”, 9 companies Leading The Way

At Let’s Talk Payments, we have addressed the information needs of the entire emerging payments and commerce ecosystem. From investors and incumbents to startups and disruptors, our audience of industry insiders has engaged with us in creating this platform. During this time, many of you reached out to us to get additional insights: an opinion

6 Bitcoin Companies Raise Almost $50 million in a Month

Bitcoin, the popular virtual currency, is gaining traction in global markets as a new form of currency. An array of merchants supports Bitcoin including retailers, e-commerce sites, hotels, restaurants and many more. We already wrote about Governments and financial bodies who legally approve Bitcoin and are helping it gain momentum. Investment firms are also looking

This Mobile Payments System requires you to Sign on your Touchscreen Phone

Mobile payments startup Sign2Pay has come up as a new challenger in the mobile commerce space. It is implementing mobile payments by using your actual signature. Some unique identifiers in the user’s personal signature are used to authorize a transaction. This new payment method was developed by Belgian Telenet with the help of the Idea

Seeloz brings Mobile Couponing for Small and Medium Businesses

Seeloz is enabling mobile couponing as a new initiative by launching both retailer and manufacturer side of its platform. The consumer facing side of Seeloz platform is dubbed as Mixawallet which is set to release next month. Seeloz uses customer’s transactional data and loyalty program data to send more relevant offers to customers and businesses.

P2P Lending hot, as Lending Club goes for IPO on NYSE and more

Lending Club, one of the leading peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders in the world, is opting for New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for its anticipated upcoming IPO according to The Financial Times. This comes as a boost to the fast growing P2P industry which provides online platform for borrowers and lenders to exchange funds. Lending Club’s IPO

Loyalty Programs will be Most Affected with Move to Tokenization

The mobile payments space is witnessing some radical shifts. Some major ones include the advent of tokenization with its specifications being officially announced by EMVco. Another major development is Apple’s foray into the space with Apple Pay. So the question arises: how these developments will affect the current loyalty programs that exist in the market?

Alipay Wallet Reaches 190 Mn Annual Active Users

Alipay Wallet, the mobile payments app, recently announced that it has reached this large user base. The figure of 190 million has been quoted by the company as the number of users who have had at least one payment or money transfer in a year using Alipay Wallet. Moreover, the number of daily transactions has

Onyx Payments has Acquired 2 Companies in less than 2 Months

Onyx Payments is a leading processor of payment disbursement and reconciliation solutions. It is also a leading travel distributor and hotel payments processor. It operates as a global payments network and offers services like commission receipt, foreign currency exchange, invoicing, tracking, etc. The company had acquired Net Trans Services last month and has recently acquired

W3C calls upon Industry Stakeholders for its Web Payments Initiative

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is calling upon industry stakeholders like banks, credit card companies, payment solution providers, technology companies, retailers, etc. to join the new Web Payments Interest Group. W3C is driving a new initiative to integrate payments seamlessly into the Open Web Platform and leverage the unique ability of the Web to