Watch the Biggest Moments in Payments Industry that Defined 2013

Watch the Biggest Moments in Payments Industry that Defined 2013. It was a great year for all of us and next year is all set to be an eventful one as well. We will keep doing what we do “Let’s Talk Payments”

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  • Specimen of the iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner sub system invented from the ground up.

    Specimen of the iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner sub system invented from the ground up.



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    Bitcoin creates unrest - Allen Greenspan says bitcoin is a bubble. China bans financial institutions from conducting transactions in Bitcoin. Bitcoin value fluctuates heavily.

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  • Starbucks, Verizon start selling SQUARE card readers, mPOS gains traction as Paypal, Intuit and startups start pushing their products
  • Diebold, one of the largest ATM players disappoints with Q4 2012 earning reports, CEO departs.
  • Mobile Devices manufacturers bring NFC to more phones - Samsung takes the lead with Galaxy series
  • ISIS sees slow response to NFC wallet programme even after few months. Other wallets struggle as well
  • Carrier Billing gains ground, Fortumo and other startups gain market traction and funding
  • Square brings a POS solution "Business in a box". Merchant acquisition efforts across Mpos players at an all time high
  • Partnerships and More Partnerships - Level up + Heartland Payments; also Visa Europe + Monitise
  • Technology companies and startups invade Payments & FinTech - Dwolla raises 16.5 million dollars, Google Glass "Stare for Fare"
  • Verifone posts second quarter losses, revenue slips 9.67%
  • Mpesa sees a global vision, vodafone brings it to India and other countries as well
  • EMV adoption slow in the US with additional costs to bear and efforts required. Visa & Mastercard join hands for EMV transition in the US.
  • Monitise year end revenues top $100 million. Rising star and idol for payment startups
  • Braintree crosses $10 Billion per year in transaction processing. Rising star and idol for payment startups
  • Powa (UK) gets $76 million in series A funding touted as one of the biggest in payment industry. Rising star and idol for payment startups
  • Soundwave based mobile payments using Zoosh - Microsoft, Verifone and perhaps Clinkle start talking about this new enabling technology
  • iPhone 5s Touchid a whole new revolution in Identification & Payments
  • Prepaid card offerings at an all time high - Dozen more launches including celebrity cards. But Prepaid card fraud intensifies!
  • $3,500 Mn plus investments done in payment firms by VCs & Strategic Investors.
  • Amazon launches "Pay with Amazon " for online stores and other Ecommerce players
  • Google says Goodbye to carrier based NFC systems, with HCE
  • Bitcoin exchanges, Accelerators, Startups, come up everywhere. Value crosses $1200 and drops down later
  • Apple introduces iBeacons (tiny wireless devices that can do two way communication) based on Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0) standard and implements them quickly in Apple stores
  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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