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About LTP


Let’s Talk Payments is the fastest growing online destination for news, insights & data-driven research in emerging financial services and payments. Launched in 2013, LTP has already established itself as one of the top digital destinations for high quality, authentic and independent content to serve this new and expanding FinTech space at the intersection of multiple industries.


LTP epitomizes and embraces The New Global FinTech. Contributors to LTP are spread out globally to publish original insights from various segments of this interconnected space. Our shared expertise covers the full spectrum of consumer financial services, from traditional lending & banking to mobile and cloud enabled payments & commerce. LTP contributors also compile the information on the latest shopping-related innovations in advertising, fashion technology, smart devices and wearables.


With engaging, interactive content, LTP covers daily curated news, analytical opinion, podcasts, webinars, interviews, research reports and even e-books. LTP has been called the ‘watering hole’ for industry insiders, business leaders, FinTech investors and entrepreneurs. Our subscribers rate its content as fiercely independent, thought-provoking and always up-to-date, in a way that continues to inform, engage and inspire everyday.


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MEDICI’s Top 21 is a recurring, global competition to identify the best industry startups across the globe. We partner with financial institutions, investors, and FinTech influencers to focus on one specific industry segment such blockchain, RegTech, or InsurTech.
After the Top 21 applications are open we reach out to the global startup community. The MEDICI team, along with expert judges, narrow the applicants to the top 7 in each region – APAC, EMEA, and the Americas.


Top 21 give the FinTech industry a chance to identify and discover those startups truly changing the ecosystem.


Be on the lookout for our next Top 21 and please contact us if you’re interested in sponsoring a Top 21 competition!


Top 21 Competitions


InsurTech: 21 Leaders Among the 480 Identified Players


Blockchain: Leaders Working With Technology of the Future



What Experts Say About LTP


October 2015

Tradestreaming says LTP is #1 among “7 top blogs to read if you’re serious about payments”.


“Let’s Talk Payments was launched in August of 2013 and hasn’t looked back. LTP is one of the most active sites in the payments space, publishing a handful of articles on the space every day. The site relaunched in 2015, bringing more data, analysis, and collaboration tools to the industry.”


September 2015

Onalytica includes LTP in “Top 100 FinTech influencers” using Social Media analysis, now at #26.


“We analyzed over 482K  tweets containing the word “fintech” and identified the top 100 most influential brands and individuals leading the discussion on Twitter”


April 2015



“Let’s Talk Payments – Founded by Aditya Khurjekar and Amit Goel in 2013, Let’s Talk Payments is one of the fastest growing payments and digital commerce news platforms. The team provides instant, reactive analysis and is not left behind by the breakneck rate of development. So much success in so little time. Watch this space.”

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About LTP Studio


LTP Studio is the the rich media platform for our interactive content, including podcasts, webinars and other multimedia formats. Especially designed for FinTech professionals, LTP Studio allows you to access the content at your own convenience or participate in live discussions.


A recent feature is (access to) the new book, August of Money; The Quest for Cashless Society, published by LTP Studio. This new book by Mehul Desai also comes with a series of podcasts from senior-most leaders in the industry. Get on the #Cashless journey with Mehul, right here on LTP Studio.


LTP Studio brings to you informative and thought-provoking discussions from industry experts and insiders on a variety of carefully chosen topics with a global perspective. We also occasionally feature content from our partners on LTP Studio, such as “Around The Coin”.


The latest feature on LTP Studio is the LTP Weekly Podcast hosted by co- founders, Amit Goel and Aditya Khurjekar. These episodes feature a summary analysis of the news from the past week and an overview of LTP activities in the upcoming week.


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