The Most Important Thing in FinTech: Advent of APIs and Banking APIs Are Real Too

May 31, 2016    By : Amit

I am back to writing about one of my favorite topics—APIs. In 2013 and 2014, I wrote some of the very early pieces on how APIs are being used to build next-generation products and allowing developers to reduce the time

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How Envestnet Is Making Use of Yodlee’s Acquisition

May 31, 2016    By : LTP Team

When Envestnet (a leading provider of unified wealth management technology and services to financial advisors) acquired Yodlee (the leading cloud-based platform driving digital financial innovation) in 2015, a lot of questions were raised regarding the acquisition and about how exactly

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The Value of Fraudulent Activities in Online Banking Will Reach $7 Billion by 2020

May 30, 2016    By : Sofia

Online banking is the rising star of the financial services industry. In 2016, there is a range of successful players offering superior online banking experience; even traditional players seem to be making a push towards forms of online experience rather

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The Questionable Outcomes of a Highly Digitized Life

May 30, 2016    By : Kate

Ever since the Internet invaded our lives, there has been an increasing hype of creating a saturated digital space, to leave a digital footprint of activities and to connect with other people across the continent. And even amidst the hype

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What Is The DAO and Why Is It the Biggest Crowdfunding Project in History?

May 29, 2016    By : Kate

If you haven’t heard yet about the biggest crowdfunding project in the history, hurry up to get to knowDAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization., the company that merges blockchain and IoT, introduced a new method that for the first time allows the

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APAC to Lead the Global Mobile Payments Market

May 28, 2016    By : Sofia

While online lending went from one of the most funded segments rich with competition to the one getting hit, mobile payments are still as hot as they have never been. Increased shipment of smartphones combined with the flourishing mobile wallets

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How Blockchain Technology Can Improve the Insurance Industry

May 28, 2016    By : Sofia

While blockchain technology is no news anymore, a range of possible application seems to be piling up at an impressive pace. The insurance industry is no exclusion as professionals are looking for ways to apply distributed ledger technology to transform

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Is Bitcoin-Related Fraud Ever Going to End?

May 27, 2016    By : Sofia

If you happen to be pro-bitcoin, there is no reason to get alerted. Fraud is not a biased matter and fraudsters do not target cryptocurrency in particular just to sink bitcoin itself and put an end to the era of

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Exclusive Interview Sébastien Boire-Lavigne, Executive Vice President and CTO of XMedius Solutions

May 27, 2016    By : LTP Team

Let’s Talk Payments recently had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Sébastien Boire-Lavigne, Executive Vice President and CTO of XMedius Solutions. For over 15 years Sébastien has been a driving force at XMedius Solutions, and has been instrumental in developing XMedius’

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Five Customer Protection Issues That Financial Institutions Need to Address

May 27, 2016    By : Kate

Do you ever actually read the full document of terms and conditions when signing up for another credit card? If you do, you are definitely not among the majority of financial customers. These terms and conditions contain a lot of

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