Gamification in Banking: From Transactions to Experiences

June 30, 2016    By : Sofia

As Brett King said, banking is no longer somewhere you go but something you do. Over the past decade or so, the banking industry made a tremendous shift from financial services as services to financial services as experiences. The modern

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Blockchain-Enabled Efficient near Real-Time Clearing of Payment Card Transactions

June 30, 2016    By : Milos Dunjic

The blockchain technology, which is the distributed ledger foundation behind the ‘bitcoin’ cryptocurrency, has already been recognized as a potential enabler for the accelerated velocity of money in almost every sector of the financial industry. It is certainly an interesting

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Pinterest May Finally Drive Shopping With Upgrades To Its Shopping Cart

June 29, 2016    By : LTP Team

Pinterest announced yesterday it was releasing a number of improvements to its buyable Pins which it initially released one year ago. Among the improvements are the ability to access buyable Pins on the web (they’d only been on mobile devices up to

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FinTech in Switzerland: A Quick Overview

June 29, 2016    By : Marc P. Bernegger

Switzerland has everything it takes to advance to the league of leading FinTech nations. First-class financial institutions, leading banking software manufacturers and research departments of ICT heavyweights such as Google and IBM call Switzerland their home. In addition, the Swiss

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How M2M Technology Can Transform Retail

June 29, 2016    By : Sofia

One of the emerging and exciting technologies of the 21st century is machine-to-machine (M2M) technology. According to the report published by CradlePoint, a provider of 3G and 4G network solutions for businesses, “The M2M market is fueling innovation and improving

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A List of Cross-Segment Investors to Consider if You are Raising Funds in Latin America [To Be Continued]

June 29, 2016    By : Kate

Latin America is one of the hottest emerging regions that can offer a tremendous opportunity for startups across industries. As we have recently started discovering local FinTech ecosystems, it became clear that mobile has made a significant impact across industries

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E-Commerce Sales in the US Made up Just 8% of Total Retail Sales in Q1 2016

June 28, 2016    By : Kate

Sometimes, amid the potpourri of skyrocketing absolute numbers on e-commerce, we forget to look at the bigger picture and ask a question: what part of total retail sales does e-commerce actually make? With all the hype and development of solutions

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What Is the Next Big Thing in Retail?

June 28, 2016    By : Sofia

The first intuitive answer would probably be around mobile technology, but another sheriff is showing up in town and may take the leadership sooner than expected. VR has been one of the most exciting tech advancements recently with large tech

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Thanks to Satispay’s Alliance With Iccrea Bank, Ingenico Payment Terminals Are Ready to Accept Satispay Mobile Payments

June 28, 2016    By : LTP Team

  The Satispay payment system is ready for integration with Ingenico, a leading provider of payment terminals. The venture will be launched with an initial roll out of 83,000 businesses with BCC bank accounts, thanks to the alliance between Satispay

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Digital Is the Primary Method of Banking for More Than 60% of Americans

June 27, 2016    By : Sofia

Although the value of fraudulent activities in online banking is expected to reach $7 billion by 2020, there hasn’t been a lack of interest and development in the segment as businesses have recognized changing consumer behavior and preferences. Quite an

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