Leading the API Bandwagon in APAC: The Connect2OCBC Story

August 31, 2017    By : Diwakar Mandal

The financial services ecosystem is evolving at a rapid pace. As banks set sail on their digital transformation journeys, the API revolution is at the core of this overhaul. Let’s Talk Payment (LTP) believes that open banking will shape the

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Interview with Mozzeno: The First Belgian Digital Platform to Allow Individuals to Fund Private Loans

August 31, 2017    By : Deborah Gallerani

MEDICI now! Startup Stories highlights the companies that are shaping the new financial technology industry. So, keep an eye out each week for new stories! And if you or someone you know would like to be highlighted, feel free to

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Blackhawk Network Acquires CashStar for $175 million; Establishes a Leadership Position in First-Party Digital Gift Card Market

August 31, 2017    By : LTP Team

Acquisition of digital gift card solution leader expands Blackhawk’s footprint in first-party egift and gift cards and further strengthens its mobile and digital offerings PLEASANTON, Calif. – Aug. 30, 2017 – Blackhawk Network, Inc., a global financial technology company (“Blackhawk”),

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Adapt, Automate, Accelerate: AI and the Future of SME Lending

August 30, 2017    By : Justin Adams

All companies make poor decisions from time to time. Often, a company’s refusal to embrace a disruptive technology in favor of tried-and-true traditional methods, doesn’t turn out well. Think of Kodak, the once-great imaging empire, inventing the first digital camera

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How a 49-year-old Startup Renewed Itself and Quadrupled the Number of Customers

August 29, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

If you expect that in the ranking of the world’s most promising FinTech startups, only nascent companies are created by young entrepreneurs, you are mistaken. The exception is a 49-year-old brokerage firm popularly known as Easynvest. Currently, with more than

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How Nubank Plans to Expand and Conquer the Leading Financial Market in Latin America

August 29, 2017    By : Sílvio Crespo

David Vélez, the founder of Nubank, consider Brazil as one of the countries with the greatest potential for the FinTech market. David worked in the New York financial market before moving to Brazil to establish his startup in 2014. Since

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56 FinTech Companies in Nigeria Extending Access to Financial Products for Inclusive Growth

August 28, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

Africa – the market of unexplored opportunities Although Africa is considered to be the largest unserved market that has dropped out of sight of the global financial system, there are segments in its financial services industry that is highly advanced

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7K+ FinTech Startups Globally Will Fall Victim to Consolidation in FinServ

August 28, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

Bright long-term legacy coupled with gloomy mid-term expectations FinTech aficionados could argue endlessly about the power gained by FinTech in the financial services industry, and they wouldn’t be completely wrong. Indeed, 7,000+ financial technology startups around the world are proving

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Week in Review: Boiling Frogs

August 27, 2017    By : Patrick Rivenbark

I have a confession: I wasn’t planning on taking a summer break from writing the FinTech Week in Review but the constant heat has a way of forcing you be a little lazy. It’s the slow, habituation to the heat

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A Culture of Convenience

August 26, 2017    By : Shane Leahy

A shift in time From checking the weather to booking a personal training session at the gym, the phone in our pockets is increasingly becoming central to how we live our lives. In fact, a recent study shows that the

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