Apple Watch Shopping Apps With Voice Features and the Least Clicks

April 30, 2015     By : Shubha

JC Penny

jc penny

JC Penney’s Apple Watch app can quickly check the status of an online order to see the location along its journey to the customer’s doorstep. The app offers functions for both in-store and online shoppers. Users can spot the four closest JCPenney stores for an out-of-stock item and once inside the store, they can receive directions to the desired product. Items already in the shopper’s virtual basket can also be located in-store.



Amazon shopping app on Apple watch offers voice search and quick tap features including 1-Click purchase and save to Wish List. Amazon shopping app will be available on Apple Watch in Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, the U.S. and the U.K.



eBay for Apple Watch helps customers stay on top of the auctions. It can send outbid notices and other notifications directly to the users, so they can react immediately.



The Target app makes it easy to build a shopping list on the Apple Watch. When the shopper is in the store, it shows important information on the item and its location.



Ocado grocery shopping app on Apple Watch allows customers to add items to orders by speaking into the device. The app also offers predictive ordering using the “advanced machine learning” feature, which enables customers to complete a shopping session in 15 seconds.

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