Creating the Decentralized Connectivity Layer [Video]

November 2, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

Daniela Perdomo, Co-founder & CEO of goTenna (a company that builds next-generation wireless architecture that enables low-power, low-cost, easily reconfigurable, resilient communication from the bottom-up), questions the concept of connectivity, envisioning communities where our smartphones can become self-sufficient connectivity nodes to

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87% of Consumers Prioritize Convenience Over Security When it Comes to FinServ [Curated Content]

November 1, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

Brandwatch, in collaboration with Twitter, just released the results of a very curious study analyzing billions of conversations one of the most vibrant social media channels. “6,000 Tweets are posted every second. That’s 6,000 views, opinions, ideas, complaints, stories, compliments.

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Quantifying Decentralization: Bitcoin vs. Ethereum [Video]

October 30, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

Can we actually quantify decentralization? Balaji Srinivasan, CEO & Co-founder of, a company that allows you to replace your public email with an inbox that pays you, makes an attempt to quantify the distribution of value in decentralized systems.

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Amazon – The Horseman of the E-Pocalypse [Curated Content]

October 27, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

Amazon is nothing short of a modern business wonder – the company is aggressively entering industries with no limit in sight. Amazon started off selling books out of Bezos’ garage and is now the largest online retailer in the world

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The Open APIs Season [Curated Content]

October 26, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

“Banks must actively embrace the move to open APIs in order to secure their role and position in the new ecosystem of financial services and payments. Achieving this will require banks to develop a clear vision of their future, and

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Mission-Driven FinTech: Partnering for Purpose [Video]

October 26, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman believes that new partnerships across the financial ecosystem are the key element to building an inclusive economy around the world. In this presentation, Dan shares his thoughts on why fostering economic opportunity for every person and

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Apple Pay Nabs 90% of All Mobile Contactless Transactions Where Active [Curated Content]

October 25, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

Apple Pay has admittedly went through its fair share of bumpy roads and will encounter more as it rolls out around the world. Underestimation of the solution, and mobile contactless payments, in particular, have not been ungrounded. Nonetheless, numbers don’t

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London – Still The #1 FinTech Hub

October 24, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

Investors have poured more than $1 billion into British FinTech companies since the beginning of 2017. In H1 2017, UK attracted $564 million of VC investment, up 37% on H1 2016. FinTech is worth $9.25 billion to the UK economy

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The Next Wave of Computing [Video]

October 23, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

The development of cloud computing that came with the revolution of desktops took users back into the era of mainframe. Muneeb Ali, Co-founder of Blockstack, shares his vision on where the journey will take us next when The New Internet

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Rediscovering Discover – The Network of Networks

October 20, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

International tourists spent close to $1.4 trillion during their cross-border adventures in 2015. Since international tourism is one of the largest sources of income for a significant number of destinations around the world – in developing countries and developed ones

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