Five Ways Financial Institutions/Authorities Work With Blockchain Technology

September 29, 2016    By : Sofia

With endless trials/projects/initiatives/region-specific consortiums/pilots, blockchain sometimes looks like one of those ‘fashion items’ in the financial services industry that institutions want to have to keep the title of ‘innovative and modern.’ Undoubtedly, some of those initiatives will end up perpetuating

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Canada’s FinTech Ecosystem Is Gaining Momentum as a Global Hub for Innovative Technology

September 28, 2016    By : Sofia

As FinTech hubs around the world enter various phases of growth and development, the attention of financial industry professionals is being scattered over emerging locations and new opportunities for businesses. While Canada is not really a ‘freshman’ ecosystem in FinTech,

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Consumers Around the World Want to Use Smartphones as an Alternative to Plastic Cards

September 28, 2016    By : Sofia

Understanding of the readiness of certain countries and regions for innovative transformation is a crucial part of business expansion strategies for startups in any industry. While there are examples of innovative startups that have expanded globally despite regulations and other

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How AI Blurs the Lines Between Online and Offline Shopping Experiences

September 27, 2016    By : Sofia

Even though AI went from a science fiction ‘hero’ to a part of everyday reality, there is always more to achieve with the application of AI across industries. Some estimates suggest that the total global market for robots and artificial

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Can Smartphone Manufacturers Win the Mobile Payments Race?

September 26, 2016    By : Sofia

The payments industry in the US has been steadily rising as the hottest and most financially attractive segment within FinTech. Mobile payments, in particular, are on the verge of explosive growth and adoption in the coming years. If in 2015,

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Electronic Payments and Financial Inclusion for Businesses

September 22, 2016    By : Sofia

Speaking of financial inclusion, professionals commonly refer to individuals, disadvantaged families and groups of the population overall, rather than to the business community. Meanwhile, small and micro businesses around the world are often in a similar need for appropriate solutions to

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Pay-By-Selfie as an E-Commerce Catalyst

September 21, 2016    By : Sofia

Biometrics (behavioral, in particular) are increasingly gaining popularity in the financial services industry worldwide. The technology is claimed to be the most convenient method as users don’t have to remember the numbers, codes or passwords. Seeking to leverage the technology,

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Is the Middle East Ready to Bank on FinTech?

September 20, 2016    By : Sofia

Being one of the least explored by FinTech startups and investors market, Middle East holds a great promise for companies looking to expand operational boundaries. Some estimates suggest that less than 0.1% of FinTech investment originates in the Middle East.

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China Is Home to the Largest FinTech Unicorns in the World

September 12, 2016    By : Sofia

Out of 27 FinTech unicorns spread around the world, 14 are from the US, 8 from China and 5 from the rest of the world. While attention is mostly paid to Western innovators, China consolidates the most financial power even

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8 Industries That AI Will Change Forever

September 9, 2016    By : Sofia

It would probably be more accurate to say that AI has already forever changed those industries as it is not the technology of the future anymore, it’s the reality. And the industry is well-positioned for explosive growth as AI solutions

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