What Defines Alternative Lending Platforms?

October 4, 2016    By : Kate

The alternative lending industry went from an explosive growth, a goldmine for banks, to the cause of hot discussions over the viability of the very business models in the FinTech family. Some of the largest alternative lenders have been originating

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Blockchain and the Next Generation of Real-Time Settlement Solutions

September 20, 2016    By : Kate

Despite a range of successful trials and projects aimed to test blockchain-powered solutions, we are still a step or two away from the industry-wide implementation of distributed ledger technology in core banking infrastructure. Among the spheres where blockchain has particularly

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The Digital Payments Industry in North America Will Bring Half a Trillion in E-Commerce Retail Sales by 2018

September 12, 2016    By : Kate

Payments industry in North America and beyond has evolved tremendously, democratizing business opportunities. Cost-efficient cross-border digital payments solutions have shed barriers for SMEs to conduct business around the world, competing with large international companies. Joe Leija, General Manager North America,

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Revolution in Lending with Big Data, Small Credit

September 9, 2016    By : Kate

“We are on the verge of massive change. Technological advances in credit assessment are poised to deliver a huge impact by bringing formal, accessible, and affordable credit to hundreds of millions of aspiring middle-class consumers in emerging markets. At the

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Technologies That Will Transform Compliance and Regulation

September 8, 2016    By : Kate

Every seasoned bank professional and young entrepreneur knows the pain of regulation and compliance in the financial services industry. In fact, the global demand for regulatory, compliance and governance software is expected to reach $118.7 billion by 2020. The relief,

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Blockchain Decentralizes the Power of Alliances Beyond R3 CEV

September 7, 2016    By : Kate

True to its values, decentralized ledger technology has recently indeed decentralized the power of R3 CEV consortium, bringing together institutional players across industries and regions. Until recently, the R3 CEV blockchain consortium comprised of the world’s largest tech companies and financial

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Disruption & Scale: Can FinTech Startups Really Have it Both Ways?

September 5, 2016    By : Kate

There is an interesting term describing a certain type of relationship between FinTech and banks called ‘rent-a-charter’ – a model when banks backstop or formally provide services behind FinTech websites. With the evolving relationships between startups and institutional players, this

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The Wonderful By-Effects of Unified Payments Interface (UPI)

September 2, 2016    By : Kate

If 2016 should be remembered for something, it’s the launch of the first Visa/Mastercard/SWIFT-free payments system – the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). UPI is an open-source platform designed for the mobile age

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Why Do We Need Digital Identity Systems in the Financial Services Industry?

September 1, 2016    By : Kate

The idea of a universal, tamper-proof digital identity becomes increasingly relevant in the face of political, economic and other uncertainties around the world. Massive groups of the global population are undocumented nowadays with numbers growing at a blink of an

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Is Consolidation in Banking a Response to an Increasing Threat?

August 31, 2016    By : Kate

The perception of FinTech’s effect on traditional banking varies across industry professionals – while some see it as a threat to revenues, others give an evaluation of the upward trend in essential financials in banking as a result of FinTech’s

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