Back to Basics: Two FinTech Startups That Want to Reach Customers ‘Door-to-Door’

October 12, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

Financial startups have great potential to have a social impact on the population, especially in emerging economies such as Brazil. FinTech startups that received the most contributions reflect that the market is attentive and welcomes these initiatives. This year, the

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Meet Innovators Selected for Google Exchange Program in the Leading FinTech Market in LATAM

October 11, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

In October, in addition to its resident startups, the Google Space Campus São Paulo will house a group of FinTech startups selected for the first edition of Campus Latam Exchange FinTech. Campus Exchange brings best-in-class startups from around the world

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Escaping Bank Fees With FinTech

October 4, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

Whether it is about paying a friend for a bill shared at a restaurant or paying for a service provider, when it comes to paying other people, in Brazil, the first question usually is “What is your bank?” We no

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Opening the Investment World to Individuals: The Experience of FinTech Startups in Brazil

September 27, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

Brazilians are increasingly exploring opportunities with investment instruments, moving money out of traditional savings accounts. While in the last year, there were more withdrawals than savings deposits, Treasury Direct grew 73.9% in 12 months, up to July. That month, the

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FinTech Startups Leveraging Automation & Blockchain to Reach Lower Exchange Rates in Brazil

September 23, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

Online exchange platforms had a significant growth last year as they offered more attractive exchange rates than banks and traditional exchange brokers did. For example, in mid-August, customers could buy $1 for R$ 3.28 at CâmbioStore. But at the two

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Opportunities for FinTech Startups in Brazil: Interview With Manoel Lemos, Managing Partner at Redpoint eventures

September 16, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

Redpoint eventures, a venture capital company worth $130 million, is one of the most reputable technology entrepreneurs in Brazil. This company is so popular that it received more than a thousand requests, which were analyzed only in 2016. Redpoint eventures

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How Three Banks Evolved Into FinTech to Excel in the Leading Financial Market in Latin America

September 12, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

Small banks have realized that digital accounts provide an opportunity to overcome barriers such as agency costs and physical distance from customers, allowing them to attract the previously unattainable share of consumers through technology. Together, the digital accounts of Inter,

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Overview of the Most Interesting Bank-FinTech Initiatives in Brazil

September 9, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

With the advancement of startups that are solving problems for Brazilians in the financial sector, it is natural for large banks to have an interest in getting closer and, if possible, integrating the solutions into their portfolios. This year, Santander,

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20 Outstanding FinTech Startups in Brazil Recognized by Visa in 2017

September 4, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

In Latin America and the Caribbean, there are 703 FinTech firms, 230 of which are in Brazil, according to a study by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Finnovista. Visa, one of the largest financial institutions globally, keeps an eye

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Meet 5 FinTech Startups That Make Entrepreneurship Easier in Brazil

September 2, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

Entrepreneurs in Brazil are already facing many challenges that can hinder their growth. The majority of these problems include bureaucracy, taxation and accountability. Thinking about solutions for this audience, FinTech startups have developed ways to improve the relation of companies,

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