Let’s Talk About Insurance Before Amazon Disrupts It

January 5, 2018    By : Matteo Carbone

I love insurance, and I have dedicated my career to the innovation introduced by InsurTech. The year 2017 has been a year full of InsurTech discussions for me: I took 187 flights to discuss InsurTech in 35 cities in 15

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Insurers Will Still Be Relevant in the Future, Even More Than Yesterday

November 9, 2017    By : Matteo Carbone

The insurance sector is now seeing the same dynamics already experienced in many other sectors, including financial services: with startups and other tech firms innovating one or more steps of the value chain traditionally belonging to financial institutions. InsurTech has

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The Future of Insurance Is InsurTech

November 14, 2016    By : Matteo Carbone

The insurance sector has entered a phase of profound transformation. Numerous InsurTech startups have popped up to challenge the traditional model by generating more than 16 billion dollars in the last year from insurance companies. I believe that we will

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Connected Insurance Is Here to Stay: Are You Ready for This New Insurance Paradigm?

September 30, 2016    By : Matteo Carbone

  Italians want connected insurance policies; they are not afraid of the “Big Brother.” According to the Ania-Bain Observatory, InsurTech can take off in the home and health sectors. Now is the time for both the model and management of

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The Four Ps of InsurTech

July 15, 2016    By : Matteo Carbone

My answer to the question: “Should I invest in this InsurTech?” The insurance sector, which is considered to be fairly traditional and resistant to change, is currently being overtaken by a macro trend of digital transformation. This is causing institutions

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Secrets InsurTechs Can Learn From the Auto Insurance Industry’s Telematics Experience

May 20, 2016    By : Matteo Carbone

The insurance sector is becoming more innovative. Various initiatives and projects launched around the globe are proof of that: from the classic “call for ideas” and corporate venture capital to innovation labs and accelerators that involve the largest insurance companies.

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