The Secret Sauce

November 27, 2017    By : Mehul Desai

We have a historical basis for establishing that money – fiat, commodity or otherwise – is a state-backed utility. And for good reason! What is more important is the understanding and agreement that this has to become the basis of

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The Mother of All Regulators

November 13, 2017    By : Mehul Desai

The utility for m-transactions will have to manage identity and provide relevant hooks for the movement of sensitive data amongst providers in the trusted ecosystem in real time and on a per-transaction basis. Effectively, one of the outcomes of such

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Progression of FinTech to FinServ

November 6, 2017    By : Mehul Desai

Conforming to and simultaneously molding user behavior around new products & services for secure mobile transactions are critical for driving adoption. Ensuring that these products and services are built and deployed in such a way that they can continuously evolve

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The Disruption Hypothesis

October 30, 2017    By : Mehul Desai

M-commerce, given its relatively one-dimensional nature involving the consumer and a provider, is relatively easy to figure out. After years of trial and error, some of the challenges related to the technology for m-payments are gradually falling into place. That

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Convenience & Security Alone Will Not Save the Day

October 23, 2017    By : Mehul Desai

Identity management, which encapsulates the issues of security and privacy, will be one of the most critical factors to ensure that secure m-transactions can successfully scale. Security of an individual’s data will have to become the responsibility of a trusted

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The Devil’s Advocate

October 19, 2017    By : Mehul Desai

The issues related to scaling new technology, specifically in terms of stress testing its availability and redundancy, are very well known to entities that successfully operate such products and services at scale. While this is a tried and tested field,

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What Can the Mighty Mobile Wallet Learn From McDonald’s?

October 16, 2017    By : Mehul Desai

McDonald’s, globally one of the most visible brands, has more than 36,000 restaurants in 120 countries and revenues of more than $24 billion. While we may ridicule the gastronomical sophistication of their menu and debate the nutritional value of their

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If We Ask The Wrong Question, We Will Get The Wrong Answer

May 20, 2017    By : Mehul Desai

When it comes to mPayments, the real question we need to ask is: Why are we still promoting a disjoint experience? The real solution cannot be about sliding high resolution images of cards and coupons sideways or flipping them around

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‘Never Leave Home Without It’

May 11, 2017    By : Mehul Desai

Most definitions of the wallet refer to it as a pocket-sized case – typically made of leather or some fabric – for carrying money and cards. Historically, there is a broader interpretation where the money and cards can be replaced with

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The ‘Build-It-and-They-Will-Come’ Approach

May 6, 2017    By : Mehul Desai

Most mobile payment initiatives that have prevailed over the last two decades are of singular applications or essentially vertical services, initially providing a simplex channel and over time, a more bidirectional interactive channel between the provider’s domain and the consumer’s

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