WANTED: Unified Contactless Kernel at POS

June 2, 2017    By : Milos Dunjic

Contactless/proximity payments are promising technology, bringing speed and convenience to the checkout counter. They are supported by pretty much all payment schemes – Mastercard has PayPass, Visa has payWave, American Express has ExpressPay, Discover has ZIP, JCB has JSpeedy, Interac

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The Persistent Payment Fraud Challenge and What Can Be Done About It

May 5, 2017    By : Milos Dunjic

As I review the latest payments industry news, I am trying to identify if there could be some low-hanging fruit that would make sense for the payments card industry to focus on. It seems that there is a consensus out

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Enabling the Pay-Per-Use Model

March 27, 2017    By : Milos Dunjic

There is a fierce debate out there, about what’s better – subscription or pay-per-use/view model of services? Digital content providers, telcos and TV broadcasters mainly prefer subscription or licensing model as it allows them to better predict revenue than in

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How Upcoming W3C Payment Request API Standardization Can Change Online Payments Space

October 10, 2016    By : Milos Dunjic

In the world of Web/online payments, the concept of ‘digital wallet’ was initially introduced by PayPal and over the last decade, it became the prevalent method for users to store and manage their payment credentials to be used in card-not-present/online

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Blockchain-Enabled Efficient near Real-Time Clearing of Payment Card Transactions

June 30, 2016    By : Milos Dunjic

The blockchain technology, which is the distributed ledger foundation behind the ‘bitcoin’ cryptocurrency, has already been recognized as a potential enabler for the accelerated velocity of money in almost every sector of the financial industry. It is certainly an interesting

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EU MIF Regulation Impact on Apple Pay

June 24, 2016    By : Milos Dunjic

The MIF regulation (full name – “Regulation (EU) 2015/751 on interchange fees for card-based payment transactions”) came into effect at the end of 2015 and is composed of four main areas: Caps on interchange fees Acquirer pricing transparency The separation

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Blockchain – Bitcoin as a Mainstream Case Study

June 16, 2016    By : Milos Dunjic

In my latest LTP article, I have attempted to provide high-level and (hopefully) user-friendly enough (i.e., not requiring high-tech knowledge) overview of the underlying cryptography behind blockchain and how it is used to ensure the immutability of the resulting database

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Blockchain – Underlying Technology Primer

June 6, 2016    By : Milos Dunjic

All articles about the blockchain industry emphasize the cryptographic protection of underlying data records as the main trait of that technology, which makes the underlying ‘database’ (or better said ‘data structure’) completely immutable (virtually impossible to be modified) and safely

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EMV and CNP Fraud

January 2, 2016    By : Milos Dunjic

With every EMV rollout merchants and cardholders are being told the same old story – that the EMV will efficiently reduce (or fully eliminate) card present fraud but that the fraud will most likely quickly and rapidly shift toward card

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From ‘Coupled’ To ‘Decoupled’ Payment Tokenization

July 13, 2015    By : Milos Dunjic

The “EMVCo Payment Tokenization Specification Technical Framework” had set the payment industry in motion about a year (or so) ago. The ability to replace the sensitive payment card credentials with an ‘alias’, called ‘payment token’, which ‘looks and feels’ like

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