MEDICI Top 21 – AI: Unveiling the Leading Companies Applying AI to Build Next-Gen Financial Services Solutions

July 18, 2017    By : Nicolo Petrone

Let’s Talk Payments is dedicated to researching and examining the ideas, people, and companies using technology to change financial services. Earlier this year, we launched MEDICI Top 21 – AI to identify and showcase the most innovative AI startups disrupting

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MEDICI now! The FriendlyScore Story

July 4, 2017    By : Nicolo Petrone

FinTech startups have revolutionized the financial service industry with their niche ideas and tech-savvy innovations. If the idea can bring something new to the industry, there is a real chance of success, and London-based FinTech group FriendlyScore typifies everything right

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Q&A With Christophe Remillet, Founder of OneVisage

July 1, 2017    By : Nicolo Petrone

LTP Team: What is the problem with two-factor authentication? Christophe Remillet: On one hand, you have passwords and PIN codes that are painful and unsafe. On the other hand, you have two authentication factors or two-step authentication solutions that are

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Traps and Pitfalls for FinTech Startups

February 11, 2016    By : Nicolo Petrone

Tenuous Problem-Solution Fit Every successful product/service has to create value for its users by solving a real problem. Many startups build their businesses based on assumptions which are not proven. This can be linked to scarce initial interaction with a

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PayCLT Event in Charlotte: Leveraging Blockchain To Solve Banking Challenges

January 16, 2016    By : Nicolo Petrone

With Part 2 of the LTP 2016 Predictions Podcast recorded and published last month, we had kicked off our local partnership with payCLT, the network of payments industry experts in Charlotte. The discussion included a diverse set of perspectives from

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Peter Thiel, Paypal Co-Founder and Facebook Backer, Invests in German FinTech Startup Deposit Solutions

January 8, 2016    By : Nicolo Petrone

Peter Thiel, Paypal co-founder and first outside investor in Facebook, has invested in Hamburg-based Deposit Solutions GmbH, an open architecture platform for retail deposits in Europe. The recent EUR 6.5 million funding round was led by FinLab AG, a German

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Why and How Should We Move Towards a #Cashless Society? New Initiatives Afoot in Ireland and India

October 20, 2015    By : Nicolo Petrone

LTP has been at the forefront of putting a spotlight on the #Cashless conversation. Mehul Desai’s new book, August of Money – The Quest for Cashless Society, was recently published by LTP Studio. In this article we will try to

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