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We, at Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan Pune (BNP), have been trying to brighten and better the lives of women and children since 1979. Our women-only team has a common belief, “empower a woman and inspire a family, educate a child and brighten the future.”  Following this, the BNP has structured and established various initiatives for women and children from underprivileged backgrounds.

This year, with great hope and positivity, we, team BNP appeal to you to join our two select initiatives

Supporting and Promoting Higher Education of Young Women:

Over the years, we have been giving annual scholarships (>=Rs. 5000/each) to the needy and worthy women pursuing higher education. We come across many cases where women face family and social problems along with financial one. The situation has become very grim after the severe drought condition in the state. We receive many applications seeking scholarships. However, we could reach only a handful of them due to the dearth of funds.


We call upon you to be a part of this unique initiative and either individually or in a team, sponsor such individual scholarships for as many women as you can. Each sum of Rs. 5500 raised by you or your team enables one more girl to walk on the part of education and success! So let’s join hands and be the wind beneath their wings!

Boosting school education of a child: Learn with fun!

Pioneered by BNP since 1999, this initiative is intended to enhance the quality of education. Our teachers conduct special classes for children and conduct laboratory sessions in various Zilla Parishad and Corporation schools. This enables them to improve their understanding of science, mathematics and languages. Since its inception, 8000+ students have been advantaged by this program. The early birds are now grown up as responsible and successful citizens and are our proud alumni.


The expense of complementing a child’s scholastic education is Rs.2500/year. If you, either individually or collectively contribute a sum of Rs.2500, it helps boost a child’s education for an entire year. So take up the responsibility of supporting one child a year and see your ward acquire knowledge and skills to better his life.


In case you wish to contribute to any of the other initiatives, we would love to hear from you and connect with you about the same!

We believe that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step. So we urge you to embark on this journey with us by donating generously and enabling us to make a difference to society.


Donate 5$

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