botree technologies



BoTree was founded with the sole focus of delivering “Canvas to Cloud” services and Empowering our clients. BoTree caters to technology needs of clients in the US and EU. BoTree has a strong team of over 35 software and management professionals and is the technology partner to some of the fastest growing startups and technology companies in the US.

BoTree is a domain and technology agnostic company. BoTree has delivered applications in domains like mobile transactions, travel and leisure, hospitality, social media marketing and advertising, education, e-commerce, real estate, publishing and health insurance.

We have experience building applications in Ruby on Rails, Python, Java/J2EE and various Javascript Frameworks. We have a dedicated mobile development team capable of developing applications for Android and iOS platforms. We have experience building cross platform applications in ReactJS as well. We also provide services in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.

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