Plugging the Leaks in Your Accounts Payable Process

February 21, 2017    By : Tom Franceski

If your company is still processing vendor invoices manually, you are leaking cash out of your organization. In fact, it is surprising how much money even a small company can lose when you add up the cost of late fees,

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Crossing Borders: E-Commerce Merchants and Their Payments Challenges

January 25, 2017    By : Noam Oren

We’ve entered a new world for cross-border trade. Marketplaces are now opening their doors and creating opportunities for merchants to sell their goods to buyers worldwide. These are no longer just local marketplaces but instead international meeting points for sellers from

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Ingenico ePayments Brings Global Payment Capabilities to Messaging Bots in Boost to Conversational Commerce

January 17, 2017    By : LTP Team

New York, US and London, UK. 16 January 2017 – Ingenico ePayments, the online and mobile commerce division of Ingenico Group, and Ingenico Labs, its innovation department, today announced a solution to provide e-commerce merchants with payment-enabled messaging bots. The

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Millennials Boost Mobile Payment Use in 2016 – Infographic

January 16, 2017    By : LTP Team

A new infographic by Gray Owl Network shows that millennials boosted mobile payment use in 2016: 1. Most consumers and nearly all millennials are using their phones to shop online. 2. In-store price checking is popular among millennials. 3. Millennials

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Crowdsourcing to Deliver #RegTech Change Management Platforms

January 13, 2017    By : Jason Boud

In my role as organizer and chair of RegTech London, during 2017, I will be interviewing several #RegTech CEOs to further understand, what problem they are solving and how. In this episode (1), I interviewed PJ Di Giammarino. Q: Can

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Maxpay Launches New Platform for Merchants

January 12, 2017    By : LTP Team

Maxpay PSP is a turnkey payment platform that provides merchants with a full range of services. On January 10, 2016, Maxpay announced the official launch of their out-of-the-box payment solution for merchants – Maxpay PSP. The platform includes a full

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2016 Reflections and Predictions for 2017

January 5, 2017    By : Canh Tran

The year 2016 saw the aftermath of EMV implementation impacting financial institutions, merchants and consumers across the US. Though many expected to see a number of positive benefits from EMV, those benefits didn’t include a reduction in the number of

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SIA Announces Completion of the Acquisition From Unicredit of E-Money Processing Activities in Italy, Germany and Austria

December 28, 2016    By : LTP Team

CEO Massimo Arrighetti: “This operation, sustainable from an economic and social perspective, allows us to strengthen our European leadership and to grow in size.” The acquisition – effective from 1st January 2017 – concerns the management of around 13.5 million payment

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11 Most Popular LTP Articles by Page Views in 2016

December 20, 2016    By : LTP Team

As we approach the end of an eventful 2016, Let’s Talk Payments presents this list of the top 11 most popular articles published on LTP in 2016 with regard to page views. 80 Hottest InsuranceTech Companies Shaking up the Trillion-Dollar

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5 Reasons You Should Gift Your Online Store 3D Secure This Year

December 19, 2016    By : Evi Triantafyllides

If you are an e-commerce merchant who hasn’t heard of 3D Secure (or, let alone, an e-commerce merchant who just doesn’t want to hear about 3D Secure again), you need to read this. Controversial, but true. And by “need,” I

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