Can Web Search History Become the Holy Grail of Credit Scoring?

July 29, 2016    By : Kate

Now, when the idea is out there and work is in motion, it seems so natural: Web search history is really a record of personal traits, interests, work, plans and draws the most precise picture of a personality and… The

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IndiaLends Wins Premiere Global FinTech Competition at LendIt Conference in Shanghai

July 27, 2016    By : LTP Team

July 18, 2016 – Shanghai – IndiaLends, one of India’s leading FinTech startups, won the 2016 PitchIt @ LendIt event held on July 17 & 18, 2016 in Shanghai. IndiaLends was one of the eight finalists from across the world to

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Forget the Americas and Europe, There is a Much Bigger Fish in the Sea of Alternative Financing

July 26, 2016    By : Sofia

Over the years of growth and development of the financial technology market (and alternative financing, in particular), the eyes of the professional community have usually been fixed on two regions – the Americas and Europe. However, the chain of meaningful events

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Alternative Lending: Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud

July 11, 2016    By : Sofia

The alternative lending industry went from an explosive growth, a goldmine for banks, to the cause of hot discussions over the viability of the very business models in the FinTech family. Some of the largest alternative lenders have been originating

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Little-Known Identity & Auth Startup From Bangalore Wins RBI’s Payment Innovation Contest – Meet Signzy

June 27, 2016    By : Amit

I have heard this saying a few times in the last five years that “Payments without authentication is just accounting.” Identification and authentication is a very important sector of the payments industry and also the broader FinTech sector. In a

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Six Risks the Financial Services Industry Will Face in 2016 and Beyond

June 1, 2016    By : Kate

The modern financial services industry drastically differs from the one we had ten or even five years ago. As the pace of technological advancements accelerates, no industry can remain untouched. Banking is an industry especially touched and transformed by technology

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The Lending Club Saga From a Different Point of View: For the Larger Good

May 16, 2016    By : Amit

In this article, I will talk about two main points. The first is whether the Lending Club issue is an isolated event or if it reflects upon the lending industry largely. Can it really be generalized? And the second point

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Indian FinTech Startup Capital Float Raises $25M at $100M Valuation

May 12, 2016    By : LTP Team

Even as US lending companies face a lot of heat (and stocks fall like a pack of cards), India’s largest online lending platform and small business lender Capital Float has raised $25 million in Series B financing. This round was

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Is Lending Club an Isolated Case or a Sign of a Much Bigger Problem?

May 11, 2016    By : Sofia

The Lending Club case The last week has signified an interesting turn in the relatively young history of the alternative lending industry. In particular, online lending took a hit and perpetuated a wave of skepticism around it. The event to

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Financial Operating Network Fluent Closes $1.65M Seed Round

May 10, 2016    By : LTP Team

Names Commerce Bancshares as Pilot Participant New York, NY, May 10th, 2016 – Fluent, the financial operating network for global commerce built on blockchain technology, today announced that it has raised $1.65M in a series seed funding round led by

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