Are We Really 5000 Years Away From a True #Cashless Society? [Podcast]

August 11, 2015    By : LTP Team

In the third installment of our continuing podcast series, “August of Money – The Quest for Cashless Society”, host Aditya Khurjekar has an insightful conversation with special guest Joe Hurley of Discover Financial Services and author Mehul Desai, focusing on

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Introducing “August of Money – The Quest for Cashless Society”

August 4, 2015    By : LTP Team

In the second installment of our continuing podcast series, LTP is excited to present “August of Money – The Quest for Cashless Society”, an upcoming new book by Mehul Desai. Host Aditya Khurjekar has a free flowing conversation with special

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London Workshop Convenes Multidisciplinary Global Group to Develop Policy Frameworks for Blockchain Tech

June 13, 2015    By : LTP Team

LTP has covered the blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure comprehensively since the very beginning. From specialty mining rigs to Goldman Sachs’ investments in the space, we have reported on key developments in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. Now as the space continues

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Around The Coin – Recap of The Last 25 Episodes

May 31, 2015    By : LTP Team

  In this recap episode, Mike, Brian and Faisal talk about how Around the Coin was born and provide a summary of the first 25 episodes since the podcast was launched based on a Quora discussion. Enjoy some personal insights

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Around The Coin: Investment Insights from Dan Rosen of Commerce Ventures

May 5, 2015    By : LTP Team

Dan Rosen is founding partner at Commerce Ventures, that invests only in payments and commerce companies. Enjoy this a wide-ranging discussion, peppered with insights from Brian Roemmele, e.g. find out how many people forget their EMV cards in POS terminals

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Around The Coin: The Inspirational Story of Digital Finance Institute with Christine Duhaime and Sam Maule

April 30, 2015    By : LTP Team

Sam Maule and Christine Duhaime of the Digital Finance Institute share how their personal experiences in Istanbul and Toronto inspired them to use digital payments as a means to solve real societal problems. Listen to them recount their most authentic

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Around The Coin – Wow! Apple Pay Just Changed Everything!

April 27, 2015    By : LTP Team

One of the most exciting episodes of Around The Coin, right after the Apple Pay announcement. Brian provides a first hand account from the event, along with a historical perspective as well as some insightful thoughts about future opportunities. Note:

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Around The Coin – The SnapCash Game Changer; How M-Pesa is Crushing it in Africa

April 25, 2015    By : LTP Team

Listen to a discussion on mobile money, with some fascinating stats from m-Pesa in Kenya, and insights into SnapCash, wrapped up with Red Cross’ support for Bitcoin. While You Listen… Read any or all of the LTP coverage of m-Pesa,

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Around The Coin – How to Launch a Bitcoin Startup; Yahoo and Pinterest Payment News

April 24, 2015    By : LTP Team

Yahoo, Apple and Bitcoin get discussed in this episode. Will Yahoo do something in mobile payments, with or without Alibaba/Alipay? Brian is spot on about Apple Pay as usual, and Pinterest Payments sounds nice, but we haven’t heard even a

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LTP Studio presents “The Cashless Society”

April 21, 2015    By : LTP Team

In this first episode of our at home podcast series, “The Cashless Society”, we’ll try to understand “Cashless” as a concept and how it is different from cash replacement. With Mehul Desai as our special guest, we will figure out why

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