LTP9 – Leading the Way in Payments and Commerce

LTP9 is the proprietary leaderboard framework from Let’s Talk Payments, representing the 9 leading companies in a payments & commerce related category. It provides a quick reference, a snapshot of companies in the category with the highest impact, the largest market momentum and significant product focus for carefully selected categories across the payments ecosystem.

Why LTP9?

With so much happening in the payments space today, there is a plethora of information from new announcements, acquisitions and investments, literally everyday. has been the leading daily source of such information. Now with LTP9, we are distilling this information to address the key question : ‘Which are the most noteworthy companies in a specific category?’.

LTP9 answers this question by synthesizing the distributed and sometimes incomplete information from a variety of sources, direct and indirect, and presenting it in an easy-to-use format, exactly in a way that our audience would benefit from.

What goes into identifying the LTP9?

Every LTP9 leaderboard is the result of extensive research, analyses and curated filtration of a large set of companies to identify the 9 most important companies in the specific category within the payments space. LTP achieves this by performing an objective assessment of the entire universe of companies for a given category. While these companies are busy building their innovative products and market footprints, the LTP team works towards understanding their product offering and analyzes them vis. a vis. their closest competitors. LTP’s in-house proprietary database, direct inputs from industry experts and primary company information strengthen our data evaluation and scorecards. This selection of 9 companies traverses the spectrum from startups and disruptors to publicly traded and established companies, without limiting the horizon one either end.

To further expand on LTP9, is the LTP Canvas Report, which provides the detailed behind the scenes research that was completed to arrive at the LTP9 leaderboard. The LTP Canvas Report is an extensive research report comprising industry trends and dynamics, competitive landscape, market sizing, detailed company profiles, LTP9 filtration criteria and much more on the long list of dozens companies in any particular payments category.

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Who is included in the LTP9?

LTP9 represents the Top Leaders  with the highest impact, the largest market momentum and maximum product focus. What do we mean by Focus, Momentum and Impact?

Focus – In most of the categories we analyze, there are dozens of players: from niche specialty players to very broad players that cover the entire spectrum of capabilities. We believe that one critical success factor is to have deep knowledge of the space and that only comes from focus. As part of this metric, we looked for the “passion” and focus of each company in solving a certain problem in payments/commerce. We also considered a “best-in-class” solution if it was of significant relevance to the industry.

Momentum – It’s great to have great new ideas and talk about innovation. But it’s absolutely important to execute, and we think that’s a critical success factor. So we looked at real implementation and launch traction that the company has gained so far.

Impact –This parameter looks at the expected impact on the market as assessed by our research team and our panel of experts. It also looks at the completeness of the solution as we believe that “a feature is not a product and a product is not a solution/company”. It will also look at how cutting-edge the solution is and how it aligns with forward-looking industry trends.

Who can use the LTP9 framework?

Investors want to know where to look over the horizon, not just what’s in sight. The established incumbents are embracing collaboration and external innovation as the new model of growth. The disruptors need an objective benchmark to assess their own strengths and challenges. Researchers and strategists need fact based information to help channelize their review of information in the right direction.

LTP9 is not limited to any user category. Whether you are an industry expert, researcher, strategist, industry enthusiast, investor or any other stakeholder in this ecosystem, the LTP9 leaderboard will equip you with an extensively researched synthesis of insights and the LTP Canvas Report will provide you with a one-stop comprehensive resource for all the information about a particular category.


The first two LTP9 leaderboards for the Fraud and authentication segment in the Payments Industry are:

  • LTP9 Online Fraud & Authentication
  • LTP9 Proximity Fraud & Authentication (In-store Payments)

We recently announced the second LTP9 leaderboard for the International Remittance segment in the Payments Industry.

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