MEDICI Top 21 is an international competition organized by MEDICI in cooperation with LTP, global banks and FinTech VCs to identify the most promising startups in each of the 28 FinTech segments. 

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MEDICI Top 21 - Blockchain
Application deadline: June 11, 2016

How to apply?

1. Register on

2. Update your company profile.

3. Get featured as a Rocket Profile* by completing 80% of the Rocket Fields in your company update form.

4. Your application will be automatically submitted.

* Rocket fields contain specific information that will be reviewed by the judges (VCs, Banks and Blockchain experts) to evaluate your company.

Selection Process

The Benefits

(For applicants and for winners)

Benefits for All Applicants

1. Complimentary upgrade to MEDICI Startup Plan ($900 / year value)

2. One press release per month on

3. Maximum exposure to FinTech investors and financial institutions as a Rocket Profile

Benefits for The Winners

1. The MEDICI 21 Winners will be presented to our 150+ partner financial institutions, FinTech investors and accelerators.

2. The MEDICI 21 Winners will be showcased to the LTP audience of 60K+ FinTech professionals worldwide.

3. The MEDICI 21 Winners will have exclusive access to our panel of LTP mentors to discuss growth strategies and opportunities.

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