MEDICI Top 31 FinTech Leaders in Italy

January 8, 2018     By : Nicolo Petrone

Success in any industry, in financial services especially, is attributed to a combination of factors including economic conditions, federal support, regulatory environment, the role of the main stakeholders, and, of course, the leadership, expertise, and guidance provided by the leaders’ community.

Every country has its own community of thought leaders dedicated to national success. Being one of the hubs of niche leadership, Italy is a country rich in developments and home to some of the most inspiring tech and finance leaders. Matteo Rossanigo, Group Digital & Innovation Manager at Mediobanca, noted, “One of the main assets of the Italian startup landscape is the talent behind it. Entrepreneurship is at the heart of Italian culture and economy.”

The MEDICI Top 31 FinTech Leaders list is based on both thinkers and doers in the FinTech and FinServ space. It includes startup founders/CXOs, bankers, technologists, industry experts/advisors, and people who run associations and industry bodies.

MEDICI Top 31 FinTech Leaders in Italy

MEDICI Top 31 FinTech Leaders in Italy

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Nicolo Petrone

Nicolo is a passionate entrepreneur with keen interest in Fintech Industry.He has a background in economics and business and writes article on LTP about the latest technologies in the Payment sector.