LTP is the world's #1 destination for FinTech insights. MEDICI is FinTech's knowledge network. We are seeking exceptional talent to build and grow our new industry. Want to join us?
Let's go!
We realize that not all the exceptional talent will work for LTP / MEDICI. However, we have built an industry-wide platform: for FinTech, of FinTech, by FinTech, so chances are you might want to talk to us regardless, even if you think you compete with us.

Said differently, we would love to work with each of you who is great and exceptional, one way or another.

We see the continuum of founders, investors, full-time employees, part-time associates/contractors, vendors, partners and customers as all co-contributors in building this fascinating new global industry together!

Preferred Locations: None (which means anywhere and everywhere)
Strategic Partners
This one is only for the one perfect candidate. It is NOT a "glorified personal assistant" role, rather meant for someone who can do everything the CEO does, whenever necessary.
Preferred Locations: Charlotte and New York
Chief of Staff to CEO
Do you have a pulse of the market? Do you love to tell stories? Can you make a great product look and sound even better? Can you distill a complex proposition into an "aha moment"? Reach out to us with your favorite ad campaign if you want to help make LTP and/or MEDICI household names globally.

We are specifically looking for creative designers and artists who can help us manage our brand identity in an excellent manner, via every facet of communication, every day.
Preferred Location: Charlotte
Marketing and Outreach
If you can build lasting customer relationships, generate revenue by solving problems and are driven to close deals and get compensated on performance, there is no shortage of opportunity. Now that our product is out of beta and validated by early customers, this a perfect time to grab the upside!
Preferred Locations: None (which means anywhere and everywhere)
Business Development
Whether you like to read, write, edit, draw or produce content in any fashion, we would love to hear from you. We're looking for your interest in FinTech to shine through articles, insights, curriculum, infographics, podcasts, videos, etc. English, Chinese or Spanish proficient candidates are top priority.
Preferred Locations: Bangalore, Charlotte, Milan, Beijing, Singapore
Content Production
Preferred Locations: Charlotte, Bangalore, Beijing
Some like to work with industry data and find meaning from it, while others like to engage with innovators and curate data from conversations...we are looking for curious analytical minds who enjoy information, insights and synthesis of patterns and trends from incomplete data.
Research and Analysis
Yes, we are growing, transforming, and hiring!

We started building Let's Talk Payments in August 2013. It took more than three years for LTP to become the world's #1 digital destination for FinTech insights. In 2015, we built MEDICI, the industry's knowledge network for collaborative innovation. It took less than a year for MEDICI to become the "Intel Inside" for collaborative global FinTech innovation.

In fact, we have been working on today's FinTech since before it was even called called FinTech!

Since 2000, we were working at the intersection of mobility and commerce, using telecom billing as a way to offer new payment experiences. In 2008, we helped build the complex contactless payments ecosystem in the US that led to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. We built today's premier FinTech conference, Money20/20, in 2012. We identified innovators like Paytm 5 years before they were household names. In 2016, we built a RegTech startup inside a large global financial institution.

We have been investors, bankers, analysts, consultants, builders, marketeers, designers and developers. We believe in data-driven research & analysis, the need for deep domain focus, and the value of providing industry-building tools for collaborative innovation. We bring a diverse array of backgrounds and experiences, from chip design to art history, to our passionate pursuit of FinTech innovation. Our core DNA is product focus, domain depth, and ecosystem engagement. We are builders and problem solvers, always independent and authentic, curating industry data with the wisdom of our network. We have come a long way in a very short time, with hard work and teamwork, both inside and outside the company. We continue to shape the contours of "FinTech" every day. Join us on this exciting journey!

Today, LTP reaches more than 100,000 FinTech industry professionals every day, in every corner of the ecosystem and in every innovation hub across the world. MEDICI offers our global community a trusted platform for discovery and engagement, along with deep proprietary research to build our nascent industry together.

With a global team in 5 countries across 3 continents already, we're now growing even more: expanding into new countries and new segments and building new platforms for new stakeholder groups. FinTech is now a driver for inclusive global economic growth, and we are growing as rapidly as the industry itself.

Remember, we are looking for exceptional talent, not just looking to fill job openings. The descriptions below are only suggestions - everyone who works with us creates their own individual journeys as we grow and evolve the company, and continue to build this industry together.

If you are already as passionate about FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech, WealthTech or BankTech as we are, or if you are looking to get into this exciting new industry, you are in the right place!
Feed your FinTech Passion
All titles are negotiable.
All roles have multiple openings.
All full-time employees will be offered stock options.
Compensation packages will be commensurate with ability & performance.
The perfect candidate can be anywhere in the world, not just in the preferred locations.

If you think you have what it takes, contact us, preferably via someone we already know.
We are easy to reach!