8 Game Changers Providing Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) Platforms

January 16, 2018    By : Elena Mesropyan

With an increasing number of enterprises expressing interest in distributed ledger technology, tech companies are rushing to meet the demand. To democratize blockchain technology, Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, and now Baidu and Tencent, have developed their own platforms offering Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS).

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Let’s Talk About Insurance Before Amazon Disrupts It

January 5, 2018    By : Matteo Carbone

I love insurance, and I have dedicated my career to the innovation introduced by InsurTech. The year 2017 has been a year full of InsurTech discussions for me: I took 187 flights to discuss InsurTech in 35 cities in 15

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Daily Review: China Applies Creativity & Imagination to Business Financing, Powering Emerging Industries

January 4, 2018    By : Elena Mesropyan

As P2P lending in China is crippled with fraud and trials, institutions do not wish to miss out on an important revenue stream. One Chinese province sees an emergence of creative financing to boost the economy and support emerging industries.

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AI Will Teach AI How to Overhaul Industries

October 18, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

Human: What do we want? Computer: Natural language processing! Human: When do we want it? Computer: When do we want what? Source AI will add $126 billion to the US economy by 2025 Artificial intelligence, especially machine learning, will overhaul

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The Rise of the Chinese Dragon: An Inside Look at Factors Affecting the Growth of BAT

August 23, 2017    By : Sumit Gilitwala

As a FinTech and startup aficionado, we already know the three Chinese giants, most commonly referred to as BAT: Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent. All of us have read about the success story of Robin Li of Baidu, Jack Ma of

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Time for Regulators to Point Way Forward. FinTechs Can’t Wait Much Longer

July 5, 2017    By : Stefanie Schmidt

The digital transformation of the financial industry is advancing at breakneck pace. Marcus – Goldman Sachs’ new online lending business – just recently announced that it already hit a $1 billion milestone within less than a year of existence. P2P

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Global FinTech Funding Reached $36 Bn in 2016 With Payments Companies Securing 40% of Total Funds

January 2, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

The year 2016 will be carved in our memories for many reasons – unexpected political events (Trump, Brexit, to name a few), loss of iconic figures in sport, politics, art and entertainment, significant M&A deals, and much more. More importantly,

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Five Factors That Will Drive Dramatic Rise of China’s FinTech in 2017 and Beyond

December 30, 2016    By : Elena Mesropyan

With a population of over 1.35 billion and the second largest economy in the world, China plays an important and influential role in the global ecosystem. Summarizing the hallmarks of China’s FinTech market, ITA puts China among the top financial

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Voice Is the New OS: Getting Ready for the AI-First World – Part 2

December 5, 2016    By : Gaurav Sharma

PART-II: What the Future Holds Advanced voice technology will soon be ubiquitous, as natural and intelligent UI integrates seamlessly into our daily lives. Within the next four years, 50% of all searches are going to be either images or speech. Human-Voice will be

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How Banks Can Protect Themselves From Challengers

November 20, 2016    By : Elena Mesropyan

With close to $14 billion in venture capital invested in a range of FinTech companies globally in 2015, and ~$19 billion in the first nine months of 2016, the industry is expected to blossom beyond expectation and have a transformative

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