The Best FinTech Startups to Support Your Startup

November 15, 2016    By : Artem Tymoshenko

Every time money moves, someone gets paid. Which is why investors are pouring money into the hands of FinTech startups that promise a piece of the $4.7-trillion pie. Leading banks and investment firms are well aware of what is at

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The Hottest FinTech Investors in Europe to Back the Next Big Breakthrough in FinTech

April 27, 2016    By : Kate

Big breaks across industries don’t usually happen without VCs backing them. Success stories in most cases have co-authors and in 2016, VCs are the ones to provide a financial fuel to bright entrepreneurs and ideas with a high disruptive potential.

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9 Things We Learned About Equity Crowdfunding

March 21, 2016    By : Amit

Imagine that you keep $1000 to $5000 aside every year so that you can invest in stock markets directly or through other instruments to pick a small stake in a listed company. On the other hand you have been recently

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Secret of Building a Successful FinTech Startup in 2016 [Part 2]

December 26, 2015    By : Sofia

As a continuation of our quest to build a successful FinTech startup in 2016, part two will cover the following topics: How to get funded How to comply with regulations without a lawyer Insurance Operational efficiency with the right APIs

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Year-Long Analysis Unveils Top US FinTech Startups of 2015

December 21, 2015    By : Sofia

Having extensive experience studying FinTech industry and expertise in various sectors, the LTP team has been actively following some of the top innovators to be up-to-date with the latest solutions and outstanding products existing in the market. New FinTech startups

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Top 10 Online Crowdfunding Platforms for Startups

December 9, 2015    By : Sofia

CircleUp: CircleUp is a leading equity-based crowdfunding platform where accredited investors have free access to direct investments in high-growth consumer product and retail private companies that were previously difficult to identify and access. The platform has enabled an online transaction

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22 Hottest FinTech Startups From Silicon Valley

November 19, 2015    By : Sofia

21 Inc.: Founded in May 2013, 21 Inc. is the first computer with native hardware and software support for the bitcoin protocol. Developers can use it to build bitcoin-payable apps and services. The embedded mining chip launched by 21 Inc.

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Crowdfunding Platform CircleUp Raises $30 Million Series C Funding

November 16, 2015    By : Kate

CircleUp is a well-known fundraising platform for consumer products. The company has raised $30 million in series C funding led by Collaborative Fund. The company is working on a new technology platform which simplifies business for both investors and entrepreneurs.

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