MEDICI Top 21 – Blockchain Awards: Announcing the Leaders Working With Technology of the Future

July 19, 2016    By : LTP Team

Throughout the three years of dedicated ongoing research in the FinTech space, the LTP team has explored, defined and shaped the global FinTech startup ecosystem unlike anyone else. Eventually, LTP established the foundation to build MEDICI – the ultimate FinTech

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BBVA Open Talent 2016: A Powerful Wheel in the Global FinTech Innovation Machine

April 18, 2016    By : LTP Team

Success stories are rarely self-written, there are always influential parties involved in the history of the most successful startups. Those parties include angel investors, VCs, accelerator programs, challenges and even past failures. All these are parts of a conveyor that

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Blockchain in Israel: What Does a Startup Nation Do With Distributed Ledger Technology?

March 6, 2016    By : Sofia

Israel is a particularly interesting market to pay attention to as it has set a notable record – it is the largest exporter of cyber products after the US. Israeli companies exported $6 billion (USD) in cyber-related products and services

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Visa Europe Announces Collaboration With Epiphyte

November 15, 2015    By : LTP Team

Visa Europe recently announced its collaboration with Epiphyte, a provider of blockchain-based software-as-a-solution (SaaS) for immediate financial transactions. Visa Europe Collab and Epiphyte, a recent graduate from San Mateo incubator Boost VC will be working on a proof-of-concept to use

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