21 Areas of Blockchain Application Beyond Financial Services

December 1, 2016    By : Elena Mesropyan

Despite mostly finance-related interest in blockchain technology, the areas of distributed ledger technology (DLT) application are not limited to the financial services industry. Along with banks and FinTech startups, non-financial players have been paying attention and looking for ways to

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Switzerland on Track to Becoming the Crypto-Center of the World

November 1, 2016    By : Elena Mesropyan

Although Switzerland does not always get appropriate attention as a global FinTech hub, that doesn’t change the fact that the country has one of the most advanced economies, startup ecosystems and forward-thinking and effective governments in the world to support

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MEDICI Top 21 – Blockchain Awards: Announcing the Leaders Working With Technology of the Future

July 19, 2016    By : LTP Team

Throughout the three years of dedicated ongoing research in the FinTech space, the LTP team has explored, defined and shaped the global FinTech startup ecosystem unlike anyone else. Eventually, LTP established the foundation to build MEDICI – the ultimate FinTech

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Blockchain Applications Beyond the Financial Services Industry

April 26, 2016    By : Sofia

Blockchain fever hasn’t been limited to financial institutions. Along with banks and FinTech startups, non-financial players have been paying attention and looking for ways to leverage the opportunities that distributed ledger technology opens. Let’s look at some interesting examples of

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3 Companies Leading the Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) Revolution

April 15, 2016    By : Sofia

For a long time in the blockchain space, we have seen a wide range of financial and non-financial applications as well as an array of promising companies leveraging the distributed ledger technology. Blockchain certainly doesn’t suffer from the lack of

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Best Moments of 2015 in FinTech

December 17, 2015    By : Amit

As the year comes to an end, LTP brings to you the best moments of 2015 in FinTech. In 2015, the adoption of new technologies and innovations redefined the FinTech space. The journey for the players in the FinTech industry was

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22 Cryptocurrencies With the Highest Market Capitalization

December 11, 2015    By : Sofia

Bitcoin Bitcoin started the whole cryptocurrency story as it was the first decentralized ledger currency. Being a controversial tool, bitcoin certainly has reasons to be adopted by merchants and reasons to be cautious with it. There are at least eight

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Microsoft Shakes Hands With Blockchain Venture ConsenSys to Develop Ethereum Blockchain-As-A-Service Products

November 9, 2015    By : Kate

American multinational technology company Microsoft entered the domain of bitcoin by partnering with ConsenSys, a blockchain venture. Both the companies will be working to develop new Ethereum blockchain-as-a-service products and new tools for Microsoft’s cloud-based service platform Azure. According to

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13 Promising Blockchain Startups to Watch out For

October 12, 2015    By : Amit

Blockchain is a network approach to making digital currency completely open, decentralized and very difficult to hack, steal or counterfeit. There has been a lot of focus on blockchain’s application for the financial world. However, there are several other industries

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