Plugging the Leaks in Your Accounts Payable Process

February 21, 2017    By : Tom Franceski

If your company is still processing vendor invoices manually, you are leaking cash out of your organization. In fact, it is surprising how much money even a small company can lose when you add up the cost of late fees,

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How a Globalizing Payments Market Brought St. Louis and a Melbourne-Based FinTech Company Together

February 20, 2017    By : LTP Team

Now more than ever, the payments market is becoming global, evident by studying the Asian and Australian markets which are two of the largest markets for financial services and financial technology. BCG values the emerging Asia-Pacific payments market, which already

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30 Companies Providing Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Solutions

February 19, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

The LTP Team has been following the blockchain-focused ecosystem for quite a while now and have seen very interesting a promising players providing solutions for authentication, blockchain-as-a-service, open-source blockchain, application development, mobile wallets, compliance, trading and investment, etc. This time,

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Is Offering Contactless Payments Worth It?

February 17, 2017    By : Roger Niederer

Carrying cash is becoming increasingly rare, particularly for the UK’s urban youth. Millennials can buy almost everything they want (provided it’s under £30) with a tap of a card or their phone. From a tube or bus ride to paying for

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FinTech Companies Powering Seamless and Invisible Small Business Operations

February 15, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

99.7% of all businesses in the US are small businesses Small businesses present a strong community-building and economy-driving force in any nation. Furthermore, countries that created the most business-friendly regulatory environments for setting up and running a business, are some

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Predicting the Near Future: Launching MEDICI’s FinTech Foresights Report

February 14, 2017    By : Amit

No, we are not talking about clairvoyance. LTP is known for breaking new grounds in terms of technology coverage in financial services. We wrote some of the early papers/posts on blockchain use cases, FinTech APIs and things such as real-time

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21 Companies Leveraging Blockchain for Identity Management and Authentication

February 13, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

Among the variety of non-financial use cases, blockchain technology can be applied to identity applications in areas such as digital identities, passports, e-residency, birth certificates, wedding certificates, IDs, online account logins, etc. Creating an identity on blockchain can give individuals

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From Open Banking Towards Open Everything

February 13, 2017    By : Milos Dunjic

Open Banking initiatives bring technology at the forefront of finance by encouraging (sometimes even mandating) secure underlying account data sharing by banks. The main purpose is to enable third parties, mostly FinTech players, to utilize the open access to banking

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How to Get Banks to Work With Your Startup

February 12, 2017    By : Christian Ruppe

For many startup companies, specifically FinTech startups, signing up a financial institution (FI) as a customer or partner is the ultimate form of validation. You see other startups announcing these deals, but for whatever reason, you haven’t been able to

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Demographic Diversity & the Persistence of Traditional Payments Among Digital Natives

February 11, 2017    By : Ken Kruszka

They may be the most closely tracked generation in human history. But it’s remarkable how much we’ve gotten wrong about Millennials. Marketing strategies devised for Millennials by older generations have been based on bad intuition, poorly curated data, and unquestioned,

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