Everything You Wanted to Know About FinTech in Europe

January 1, 2016    By : Sofia

FinTech in Europe has never been more exciting. The continent’s ecosystem with innovative companies in emerging financial services has been a serious competition to the global financial industry giants with some of the most promising startups and FinTech “unicorns” coming

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33 FinTech Companies From Western Europe to Look out for in 2016

December 24, 2015    By : Sofia

UK Ensygnia: Based in London, Ensygnia is the company behind the breakthrough Onescan secure mobile transaction platform and its patented process for the confidential exchange of personal and financial information. Ensygnia’s Onescan means no more need to maintain and remember

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eWise: The Behind-the-Scenes Software Solution to Better Banking

September 30, 2015    By : Shannon

Now that online banking is quickly becoming standard practice for both consumers and businesses, the flow of data online involves higher stakes than ever. The criticality of both security and privacy continues to elevate, as highlighted by horrifying breaches (ex:

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