25 FinTech Startups That Expanded Globally Despite Regulations & Other Problems

January 19, 2016    By : Aboli

Borderless innovation is a broad topic, which includes global expansion, global networking, cross-country laws, global business opportunities and partnerships and a lot more. A few FinTech startups have been successful in global expansion. Unlike startups in other fields such as

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Awe-Inspiring London FinTech Industry Is Firing on All Cylinders

December 30, 2015    By : Sofia

London is known to be one of the world’s hubs of innovation with a wide range of well-known disruptive startups coming from the UK’s disruption center. Along with Silicon Valley and New York, London is a place of tremendous opportunities

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Why Join a FinTech Accelerator, Lab or an Incubator? Inspiration Below

November 12, 2015    By : Amit

As per some estimates, global FinTech investments will more than double by 2018. The number of accelerator programs, FinTech labs and incubators has also been increasing. The main aim of these platforms is to provide the right resources to entrepreneurs

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13 B2B Payment Companies to Watch out For

September 30, 2015    By : Amit

B2B payments have been known to be inefficient and expensive. Customers believe that there is an immense need for streamlining of settlements and reconciliation of business commerce. The current challenges are poor working capital optimization, zero cash visibility and friction

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