FinTech Startups Leveraging Automation & Blockchain to Reach Lower Exchange Rates in Brazil

September 23, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

Online exchange platforms had a significant growth last year as they offered more attractive exchange rates than banks and traditional exchange brokers did. For example, in mid-August, customers could buy $1 for R$ 3.28 at CâmbioStore. But at the two

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MEDICI Now! The Betalo AB Story

September 22, 2017    By : Enrico Giuseppe Muni

MEDICI Now! Startup Stories highlights the companies that are shaping the new financial technology industry. For this story, the LTP Team had the pleasure of interviewing Stefan Salomonsson, the CEO of Betalo AB, a company that offers everyday payment services

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CEE FinTech – The Emerging Center of Gravity for International Entrepreneurs

September 21, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

With the usual suspects maintaining a strong grip on the world’s attention (we are talking about Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York), it’s easy to overlook emerging markets offering outstanding opportunities to international tech and finance talent. One of those

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How FinTech Became an International Unifying Phenomenon

September 20, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

Customer-centricity, simplicity and scalability, cost efficiency, the absence of the need to protect existing business, and lack of regulatory burden along with legacy IT systems/branch networks – these are just some of the reasons FinTech is not a niche anymore,

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Tech Is Tech Until Proven a Business

September 19, 2017    By : Sameer Singh Jaini

As a business person working across the digital and technology areas in banking for the past two decades, I have realized that business leaders have a bit of mental block in managing technology. They typically ignore technology until it’s all

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Illegal ICOs, Paris Hilton and the End of the World

September 19, 2017    By : Markus Lampinen

Paris Hilton supports an ICO the same week as the People’s Republic of China determines that Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs constitute ‘illegal fundraising.’ Back in the United States, contact with the SEC forces Protostarr to refund their ICO investors.

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The World of Cryptocurrencies: A Reality Check on Why They Are Years Away From Replacing Fiat Currencies

September 18, 2017    By : Musheer Ahmed

Bitcoin and the underlying Blockchain technology was invented/created over eight years ago as an alternative means of payment through the mining of digital currency (Bitcoin) by solving cryptic equations. The rhetoric was that it eliminated the need for a third-party

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FinTech – Too Big to Stay Unregulated

September 18, 2017    By : Nidhi Prabhu

Financial technology has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last few years – with regard to the technology itself, the discovery of its use cases in making the financial lives of users easier, and in acceptance by users

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FinTech Week in Review: This Is Apple Fiction, Not Science Fiction… Are You a Believer?

September 17, 2017    By : Aditya Khurjekar

I am substituting for Patrick Rivenbark this week, so I’m feeling some pressure. He has set a high bar for this feature (Sunday review)! So, here we are again in September: another big announcement from Cupertino, the gasps and the

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Opportunities for FinTech Startups in Brazil: Interview With Manoel Lemos, Managing Partner at Redpoint eventures

September 16, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

Redpoint eventures, a venture capital company worth $130 million, is one of the most reputable technology entrepreneurs in Brazil. This company is so popular that it received more than a thousand requests, which were analyzed only in 2016. Redpoint eventures

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