How Three Banks Evolved Into FinTech to Excel in the Leading Financial Market in Latin America

September 12, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

Small banks have realized that digital accounts provide an opportunity to overcome barriers such as agency costs and physical distance from customers, allowing them to attract the previously unattainable share of consumers through technology. Together, the digital accounts of Inter,

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How Nubank Plans to Expand and Conquer the Leading Financial Market in Latin America

August 29, 2017    By : Sílvio Crespo

David Vélez, the founder of Nubank, consider Brazil as one of the countries with the greatest potential for the FinTech market. David worked in the New York financial market before moving to Brazil to establish his startup in 2014. Since

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Brazil Will Become the Leading FinTech Market in Latin America

August 24, 2017    By : Sílvio Crespo

“Brazil’s FinTechs are likely not only to solve local problems but also to tackle the challenges of the global market,” says André Victor Barrence, the Head of Campus São Paulo, a Google space where entrepreneurs connect, learn and develop startups

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How One Bold FinTech Startup From Latin America Plans to End Traditional Identification

August 22, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

After 10 years of leading a successful business with revenues of R$ 50 million, Diego Martins, CEO of Acesso, decided to reinvent his business with the aim of challenging one of the oldest and most deeply rooted institutions in Brazil’s

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This Is What It Takes for a FinTech Startup to Take Off, According to the CEO of the ‘Best Latin American Accelerator’

July 29, 2017    By : Sílvio Crespo

Do you know what a FinTech needs for success in Brazil? The CEO of ACE, Latin American startup accelerator, Pedro Waengertner, answers in this interview. Image source: ACE Since 2012, ACE (previously Aceleratech) has already accelerated more than 60 startups

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M2Banking & Fintech LatAm Host Innovations in Banking

June 28, 2017    By : LTP Team

Innovations in banking and the latest FinTech developments will be at the forefront of the 8th annual M2Banking & Fintech Latam Conference. For the second year in a row, the event will take place in Silicon Valley from July 18

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Why Brazil Is One of the Most Attractive Countries for FinTechs

June 5, 2017    By : Mariana Rodrigues

 FinTech users in Brazil are more satisfied than the world average; know the market Would you refer your bank to a friend or relative? While more than half of clients in Brazil respond that they would not, when it comes

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The First Network-to-Network Partnership in South America Live: Elo and Discover Mark First Transaction

July 26, 2016    By : LTP Team

The first network-to-network partnership in South America goes live after the original announcement in 2015. With the first transaction performed by Elo and Discover, Elo opens Discover Global Network for Brazilian travelers. As we have covered the company’s strategy in the

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Exclusive Interview With Jose Córdova, One of the Top FinTech Consultants and MEDICI Blockchain Top 21 Award Judge

June 1, 2016    By : LTP Team

The LTP Team had the pleasure of interviewing one of the top professionals in the financial services industry and a judge for the MEDICI Blockchain Top 21 Awards for Latin American countries: Jose Córdova, FinTech consultant with extensive experience as a

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Top 10 Non-US FinTech Financing Rounds in 2015 Resulted in $135 Million Raised

March 12, 2016    By : Kate

While US FinTech companies are usually the center of attention when it comes to funds raised, there are foreign players worth looking out for. 10 non-US FinTech financing cases through various rounds in 2015 brought significant funds from notable investors.

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