Russian FinTech Ecosystem Is Gaining Momentum Despite Obstacles

January 26, 2016    By : Sofia

The largest country in the world (by area) often goes unnoticed when it comes to FinTech. There are certain political, economic and social factors contributing to that, which is not the focus of this article. While the Russian FinTech industry

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Everything You Wanted to Know About FinTech in Europe

January 1, 2016    By : Sofia

FinTech in Europe has never been more exciting. The continent’s ecosystem with innovative companies in emerging financial services has been a serious competition to the global financial industry giants with some of the most promising startups and FinTech “unicorns” coming

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32 Hottest mPOS-Focused Companies

December 8, 2015    By : Sofia

AirPOS: AirPOS is a cloud-based ePOS software platform that works with Windows, iOS and Android devices. AirPOS is valued at $1.54 million in 2015 with 0.611 million in funding. The company offers POS packages for retail, hospitality and mobile. AirPOS

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