Switzerland on Track to Becoming the Crypto-Center of the World

November 1, 2016    By : Elena Mesropyan

Although Switzerland does not always get appropriate attention as a global FinTech hub, that doesn’t change the fact that the country has one of the most advanced economies, startup ecosystems and forward-thinking and effective governments in the world to support

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MEDICI Top 21 – Blockchain Awards: Announcing the Leaders Working With Technology of the Future

July 19, 2016    By : LTP Team

Throughout the three years of dedicated ongoing research in the FinTech space, the LTP team has explored, defined and shaped the global FinTech startup ecosystem unlike anyone else. Eventually, LTP established the foundation to build MEDICI – the ultimate FinTech

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Sharp and Edgy: Switzerland’s FinTech Ecosystem

March 29, 2016    By : Sofia

The one country that will be ahead of the world in terms of innovations is Switzerland. Ranked with the highest score of 68.3, the country holds the first place in GII ranking out of 141 countries. The second place is

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