Innovation in Capital Markets Technology – A Research Report by MEDICI

July 3, 2017    By : Vaed

As subsets of financial markets, capital markets are integral parts in producing monetary output in economies globally, through which debt or equity-backed securities are bought and sold. Capital Markets are specifically differentiated as the midterm and long term markets in

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8 London Startups Exploring the Boundaries of FinTech

March 16, 2016    By : Devie Mohan

Only two years ago, FinTech startups from London loved to neatly categorize themselves into a familiar space, be it payments, lending, crowdfunding, PFM, banking, cryptocurrency or sometimes, gamification. Blockchain was not yet quite the buzzing space it is today. The

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Awe-Inspiring London FinTech Industry Is Firing on All Cylinders

December 30, 2015    By : Sofia

London is known to be one of the world’s hubs of innovation with a wide range of well-known disruptive startups coming from the UK’s disruption center. Along with Silicon Valley and New York, London is a place of tremendous opportunities

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