FinTech Ups & Downs [Curated Content]

October 17, 2017    By : LTP Team

If the history of FinTech teaches us something, it’s that unexpected things happen. Seemingly successful cases meet speed bumps, pivoting the history of the whole segment. Today’s picks are dedicated to that – to the ups and downs of remarkable

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India’s Alipay or WeChat Pay Could Be a Young Private Bank or Progressive NBFC

May 10, 2017    By : Amit

In many parts of the world, tech companies (TechFins and FinTechs) are beginning to dominate the FinTech scene except India. BATs (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) and Internet finance in China dominate the market now. PayPal (Braintree and Venmo), Stripe and

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Is Alternative Lending a Perishable FinTech Segment?

January 12, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

Despite competitive propositions and momentary advantages that alternative lenders may have over incumbents, it is likely that banks will eventually drive this particular FinTech segment out of business. That moment, however, will come after a brief time of mutually beneficial

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Innovation Is Not Always Disruption

December 2, 2016    By : Elena Mesropyan

However honestly and passionately entrepreneurs might believe in a disruptive power of their solutions, most of them mistake some sort of innovation (business model, operational, UX, etc.) for a massive transformative force. Meanwhile, innovation is not always disruptive and should

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Six Ways FinTech Has Changed the Rules for 200 Million Financially Excluded Businesses

November 16, 2016    By : Elena Mesropyan

While accessible consumer credit options have been widely expanded with financial technology startups to the extent of not being a major problem, accessible business credit is still a tough question. According to the World Bank, 200 million businesses globally are

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What’s the Endgame for FinTech?

October 27, 2016    By : Elena Mesropyan

Amidst all the excitement and sometimes overinflation of financial technology startups’ disruptive potential, entrepreneurs often can’t zoom out a bit out and see a bigger picture. While it is understandable when your startup rapidly gains traction and there are no

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Disruption & Scale: Can FinTech Startups Really Have it Both Ways?

September 5, 2016    By : Kate

There is an interesting term describing a certain type of relationship between FinTech and banks called ‘rent-a-charter’ – a model when banks backstop or formally provide services behind FinTech websites. With the evolving relationships between startups and institutional players, this

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The Modular Bank of the Future

July 1, 2016    By : Kate

The last decade has been a rough ride for the banking industry and financial technology challengers didn’t make it any easier. In response to the changing environment, financial institutions came up with their own ways of adaptation – some through

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The Blind Growth of Alternative Lending Is About to Backfire

May 5, 2016    By : Sofia

Clear skies for alternative lending companies seem to be getting clouded after the news on Lending Club and OnDeck—some of the largest alternative lenders—witnessing a massive crash of their share prices over a little more than a year. In the

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Should Alternative Lenders Expect a Regulatory Tide?

April 29, 2016    By : Sofia

The success of alternative lenders Alternative lending has been bothering bankers and regulators for a while now as the most successful representatives of the segment hold a rather significant share of loans. In fact, five largest alternative lenders have more

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