Global FinTech Startup Ecosystem – Setting the Tone for 2018 in the Most Important Charts of 2017

January 3, 2018    By : Elena Mesropyan

There are 10,000+ FinTech startups around the world, innovating across roughly 18 segments. The global FinTech industry can be categorized into roughly 18 segments, a number of which have mushroomed into enormous industries of global significance themselves. In total, there

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What Is Zelle and Why Does It Matter?

July 13, 2017    By : Scott Harkey

You would be hard-pressed to miss the news about the recent launch of the person-to-person payments app, Zelle. The company’s parent company, Early Warning Systems (EWS), has released a full barrage of press releases, promoted tweets, and co-branded advertisements with

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To Understand the Future of the Financial Services Industry, We Must Look Beyond FinTech

May 23, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

While businesses are catching up with the rise of e-commerce and the mobile-first world, physical interfaces altogether are gradually falling into obsolescence. The year 2017 gives strong reasons to believe that working on the enhancement of the experience with any

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The ‘Socialization’ of Financial Services

January 22, 2017    By : Elena Mesropyan

Peer networks play an important role in delivering financial services nowadays, bringing the element of social into traditionally corporate-dominated industries. Financial technology startups played a critical role in appropriating social communication and connectivity, building business models based purely on leveraging

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Voice Is the New OS: Getting Ready for the AI-First World – Part 2

December 5, 2016    By : Gaurav Sharma

PART-II: What the Future Holds Advanced voice technology will soon be ubiquitous, as natural and intelligent UI integrates seamlessly into our daily lives. Within the next four years, 50% of all searches are going to be either images or speech. Human-Voice will be

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When a Payment is More Than a Transaction

October 7, 2016    By : Elena Mesropyan

The role of electronic payments in 2016 goes far beyond basic transactions performed in vast networks to move funds from one person or entity to another. Just like banking is no longer somewhere you go but something you do, payments

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Announcing the Top 9 US Companies in P2P Payments (LTP9 Leaderboard 2015)

December 9, 2015    By : Aboli

After receiving great feedback for our last LTP9 report on the biometric authentication in the payments industry, we couldn’t wait to release the LTP9 report for P2P payments (person-to-person payments). The reason we chose P2P payments is because of the

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Ten Restaurant Bill-Sharing Applications in the US

September 28, 2015    By : Sofia

Sometimes splitting the bill may be complicated. We have all been in a situation of figuring out how to divide the check in a big company. Someone wants to pay with cash, someone with card. After figuring out who owes

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