When a Payment is More Than a Transaction

October 7, 2016    By : Elena Mesropyan

The role of electronic payments in 2016 goes far beyond basic transactions performed in vast networks to move funds from one person or entity to another. Just like banking is no longer somewhere you go but something you do, payments

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MEDICI Top 21 – Blockchain Awards: Announcing the Leaders Working With Technology of the Future

July 19, 2016    By : LTP Team

Throughout the three years of dedicated ongoing research in the FinTech space, the LTP team has explored, defined and shaped the global FinTech startup ecosystem unlike anyone else. Eventually, LTP established the foundation to build MEDICI – the ultimate FinTech

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How Blockchain Is Facilitating Financial Inclusion in Africa

February 5, 2016    By : Sofia

Blockchain is becoming a word kindergarten children will learn soon. As often as we hear about it in the news, it is still a hot topic with a rapidly growing number of practical applications and experimentation being unveiled every other

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New Digital Currency, Stellar, Aims for Financial Inclusion for Girls in South Africa

February 21, 2015    By : Aditya Khurjekar

We have summarized this news for you:  Stellar is inspired by the crypto-currency, Bitcoin, but is designed as an intermediary between conventional currencies or assets Targeted towards girls in South Africa to educate them on financial decisions as part of their existing

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