When Doing Nothing Is a Great Thing for FinTech – Interview With Alexandra Villarreal O’Rourke, FinTech Lawyer

October 27, 2017    By : Patrick Rivenbark

Did you know what a “no-action letter” is? Were you aware that the CFPB had an office of innovation? We recently caught up with Alexandra Villarreal O’Rourke, Financial Services Partner, FinTech Practice Group Co-leader at McGuireWoods, to learn more about

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The Hottest FinTech Investors in Europe to Back the Next Big Breakthrough in FinTech

April 27, 2016    By : Kate

Big breaks across industries don’t usually happen without VCs backing them. Success stories in most cases have co-authors and in 2016, VCs are the ones to provide a financial fuel to bright entrepreneurs and ideas with a high disruptive potential.

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31 Hottest Marketplace Lending Companies Killing Bank Credit

March 4, 2016    By : Kate

SoFi helps graduates of top-tier universities refinance student loans. The company focuses on student loans, mortgages and personal loans. Upstart is an online lending platform that uses data to bring together high-potential borrowers and investors. Upstart offers three-year, fixed-interest loans.

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What Is Google Doing in FinTech?

February 10, 2016    By : Sofia

As FinTech is firing up operations across industries, tech companies have started feeling the urge to get involved in order to take advantage of the innovation wave and maintain relevance. There’s no need to even mention that tech companies have

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Secret of Building a Successful FinTech Startup in 2016 [Part 2]

December 26, 2015    By : Sofia

As a continuation of our quest to build a successful FinTech startup in 2016, part two will cover the following topics: How to get funded How to comply with regulations without a lawyer Insurance Operational efficiency with the right APIs

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21 Ways to Get a Personal Loan

December 2, 2015    By : Sofia

With powerful tools built to support personal expenses of any kind, lending is no more an issue. There is a great variety of ways one can get a personal loan at any condition, with almost any credit score and for

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