Top 13 Mass Payments Solutions for International Business Use

October 11, 2016    By : Elena Mesropyan

Since technology has shed the barriers for individuals and businesses to make international transfers, businesses around the world have been unleashed to reach new markets. The same goes for talent – tech-powered accounting solutions and project management tools allow businesses

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FinTech Companies That Have Ended the Monopoly on Bank Account

October 5, 2016    By : Elena Mesropyan

The concept of a traditional financial institution has been widely discriminated when challenger banks came into the scene as a viable alternative to the bank account. Dismembered value chain of traditional banks has been replaced by a range of FinTech

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Everything You Wanted to Know About FinTech in Europe

January 1, 2016    By : Sofia

FinTech in Europe has never been more exciting. The continent’s ecosystem with innovative companies in emerging financial services has been a serious competition to the global financial industry giants with some of the most promising startups and FinTech “unicorns” coming

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15 Virtual Prepaid Debit Cards That Might Be Useful for the Holiday Season

December 23, 2015    By : Priti

An updated version of this article can be found here.  Prepaid cards are payment cards with a stored value on the card itself unlike debit cards, where an external account is maintained by a financial institution or credit cards, which are

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The Most Promising Central European FinTech Startup to Watch out for in 2016

December 11, 2015    By : Kate

Imagine a situation where on a Sunday you need a new account to send or receive wire transfer because your existing account won’t work. What will you do? Well, there is a solution. You can create a working payment  account

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