Let’s Talk About Insurance Before Amazon Disrupts It

January 5, 2018    By : Matteo Carbone

I love insurance, and I have dedicated my career to the innovation introduced by InsurTech. The year 2017 has been a year full of InsurTech discussions for me: I took 187 flights to discuss InsurTech in 35 cities in 15

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101 InsurTech Startups Revolutionizing the $4.5-Trillion-Dollar Insurance Industry

November 24, 2016    By : Elena Mesropyan

The young, but extremely vibrant history of InsurTech proves it to be one of the most electric industries to follow in 2017 and beyond. An ever-expanding list of outstanding InsurTech startups is already shaking up the $4.5-trillion-dollar industry by leveraging

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80 Hottest InsuranceTech Companies Shaking up the Trillion-Dollar Insurance Industry

March 9, 2016    By : Sofia

Knip is an innovative digital insurance manager that provides users with an easy-to-understand overview and analysis of existing insurance policies, tariffs and services. Clark is an insurance platform that provides a transparent, cheap and comprehensive insurance cover. Brolly is a

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28 InsuranceTech Companies That Are Shaking up the Trillion-Dollar Healthcare Industry

February 2, 2016    By : Sofia

Health insurance is one of the most painful budget accounts for everyone. The greatest value and greatest weakness—human health is something that has built a trillion-dollar industry and the most complicated infrastructure around the world. One of the most massive

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Meet These 10+ Awe-inspiring InsuranceTech Startups

January 25, 2016    By : Priti

InsuranceTech has been another extremely hot topic lately. While there are certainly some challenges for those trying to disrupt the long-untouched sphere, there are also great opportunities. Insurance carriers and related activities contributed $421.4 billion, or 2.5% of the United

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Year-Long Analysis Unveils Top US FinTech Startups of 2015

December 21, 2015    By : Sofia

Having extensive experience studying FinTech industry and expertise in various sectors, the LTP team has been actively following some of the top innovators to be up-to-date with the latest solutions and outstanding products existing in the market. New FinTech startups

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HR Software Company Zenefits Launches Own Payroll System

November 17, 2015    By : Kate

HR software company Zenefits announced the launch of its new payroll system called “Zenefits Payroll” which runs itself and is totally free. There are two versions of the system: Self-Driving Mode and Pro. The payroll system will be available to

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