Which Are the Top 3 Hottest FinTech Hubs Worldwide?

November 25, 2016    By : Elena Mesropyan

While we have been brushing through the world’s hottest FinTech hubs, we haven’t really looked at them in a comparative manner. Meanwhile, every hub is unique and carries hallmarks of its history of growth and development affected by distinctive forces.

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Six Ways FinTech Has Changed the Rules for 200 Million Financially Excluded Businesses

November 16, 2016    By : Elena Mesropyan

While accessible consumer credit options have been widely expanded with financial technology startups to the extent of not being a major problem, accessible business credit is still a tough question. According to the World Bank, 200 million businesses globally are

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How [And Which] FinTech Startups Are Breaking Banking for Freelancers

September 13, 2016    By : Pavel Cherkashin

I posted an op-ed on the shadow banking economy and the new American dream in Yahoo Finance a few weeks back. Today, we’re going to put some practical information into practice as a part 2 to this sub-market in the

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The FinTech Industry Speaks About Brexit and What It Means for Financial Services

July 1, 2016    By : LTP Team

Last week, we saw a drastic turn of events with UK exiting the EU, commonly known as ‘Brexit’ (British exit) along with British Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision of resigning by October. Along with it came the speculation of how

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The Hottest FinTech Investors in Europe to Back the Next Big Breakthrough in FinTech

April 27, 2016    By : Kate

Big breaks across industries don’t usually happen without VCs backing them. Success stories in most cases have co-authors and in 2016, VCs are the ones to provide a financial fuel to bright entrepreneurs and ideas with a high disruptive potential.

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31 Hottest Marketplace Lending Companies Killing Bank Credit

March 4, 2016    By : Kate

SoFi helps graduates of top-tier universities refinance student loans. The company focuses on student loans, mortgages and personal loans. Upstart is an online lending platform that uses data to bring together high-potential borrowers and investors. Upstart offers three-year, fixed-interest loans.

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UK’s SME Financing Is Undergoing a Tech-Led Transformation

February 29, 2016    By : LTP Team

Smaller businesses continue to form a large part of the UK’s economy and make an important contribution to economic growth. SMEs continue to account for 99.9% of the UK’s business population and account for almost half of the UK’s private

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Awe-Inspiring London FinTech Industry Is Firing on All Cylinders

December 30, 2015    By : Sofia

London is known to be one of the world’s hubs of innovation with a wide range of well-known disruptive startups coming from the UK’s disruption center. Along with Silicon Valley and New York, London is a place of tremendous opportunities

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Zopa Is Looking at a $500-Million Valuation in Its Next Funding Round

December 14, 2015    By : Sofia

Zopa, a pioneer P2P lender and one of the Britain’s most successful financial technology startups, plans to enter a fundraising race, which could value the company at more than £500 million. The last time the company had raised substantial funds

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