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Sales & Business Development
LTP/MEDICI: Business Development positions

Description: If you can build lasting customer relationships, generate revenue by solving problems and are driven to close deals and get compensated on performance, there is no shortage of opportunity. Now that our platform is ready to scale and validated by early customers, this a perfect time to grab the upside!

Location: Various levels globally Apply

LTP/MEDICI: Creative Director
LTP/MEDICI: Marketing Manager

Description: Do you have a pulse of the market? Do you love to tell stories? Can you make a great product look and sound even better? Can you distill a complex proposition into an "aha moment"? We are looking for great communicators who can connect with our diverse and complex ecosystem with thoughtful outreach. Attention to detail, willingness to learn, and a pursuit for perfection will go a long way for a successful candidate. If you want to shine in the global community of innovators that we support, this is the job for you.

Location: Charlotte Apply


Description: This role will be responsible for end user testing of all MEDICI/LTP products to ensure a seamless experience for our users. If you are passionate about a superb customer experience and fulfilling market needs across the FinTech landscape, then this might be the role for you. You should have extreme attention to detail, a keen eye for user experience design, and enjoy moving fast/getting it done.

Location: San Francisco or Charlotte Apply

LTP/MEDICI: Head of Product
Content Production
LTP/MEDICI: Content Writers and Editors

Description: Whether you like to read, write, edit, draw or produce content in any fashion and are interested in FinTech, here's an opportunity to shine through articles, insights, curriculum, infographics, podcasts, videos, etc. There might be new media and formats that you might have invented, so don't hold back!

Location: US, India and China Apply

Research and Analysis
LTP/MEDICI: Research Analysts

Description: Some like to work with industry data and find meaning from it, while others like to engage with innovators and curate data from you have a curious analytical mind and enjoy information, insights and synthesis of patterns and trends from incomplete data?

Location: Various levels in US, India and China Apply

LTP/MEDICI: Chief of Staff

Description: The Chief of Staff is someone who can do everything the CEO does, whenever necessary. As the company grows in size and caters to an increasingly complex ecosystem, rapidly and globally, the Chief of Staff will ensure that the company's strategic priorities are executed by the organization flawlessly and seamlessly. What was envisioned by the founders, and is being calibrated by the leadership team everyday, needs to be shaped and improved with equal measure of determination and empathy. This opening is only for the one perfect candidate. Are You The Best?

Location: Charlotte or New York Apply