What Experts Say About LTP


October 2015

Tradestreaming says LTP is #1 among “7 top blogs to read if you’re serious about payments”.

“Let’s Talk Payments was launched in August of 2013 and hasn’t looked back. LTP is one of the most active sites in the payments space, publishing a handful of articles on the space every day. The site relaunched in 2015, bringing more data, analysis, and collaboration tools to the industry.”


September 2015

Onalytica includes LTP in “Top 100 FinTech influencers” using Social Media analysis at #26.

“We analysed over 482K  tweets containing the word “fintech” and identified the top 100 most influential brands and individuals leading the discussion on Twitter


April 2015

BizTech Magazine features LTP in “25 Must-Read Financial IT Blogs”

If you’ve got money on your mind, Let’s Talk Payments is eager to have you pull up a chair and join the discussion. LTP, as it’s abbreviated, is host to timely information on all things payments and serves as a watering hole of sorts for fintech entrepreneurs, leaders and strategists.”